How to use AFKIM

Link: How to use the danzeff Keyboard
AFKIM main display
This is the main AFKIM display. The green highlighter at the top of the screen shows which area is selected: Buddy list or Chat window.
When the buddy list is selected you can use up and down to choose which buddy to talk to, then press X or [START] to go to the Chat window.
SENDING A MESSAGE - When in the Chat window the keyboard will be shown, type your message with the danzeff keyboard, then press enter (digital down) to send it.
To return to the buddy list press [START].
You can press [SELECT] at any time to pop up the menu.

AFKIM Main Menu
This is the AFKIM main menu, the items here are self explanitory except for 'Buddy Options' which is a submenu for managing your buddies.
The menu controls are as follows:

AFKIM Buddy Options Menu
When you choose an item from the 'Buddy Options' submenu it will be applied to the currently selected buddy.