Here is some updated info for everyone having trouble with AFKIM

when creating a bitlbee account you cannot have a space in your username or password.
I recommend not using fullstops or other special characters either.
You cannot add accounts for other services with spaces in them, unsure wether this can be fixed....

On 2.6 you need to use a DHCP wifi connection, It does not seem to work with a static IP.
Also when you quit on 2.00+ it just locks up, this seems to be an eloader problem.

If you use left/right to go back and attempt to input spaces all sorts of weird things can happen, 
however for any other character this should be fine :)

Q: How do I sign out of my accounts?
Say a "account off" to the server window to sign out of all accounts.
Or say "account list" to get the account numbers and "account off X" to sign off specific accounts.

Todo List:

Things with -- are fixed for the next version

Bug fix things: Features for the Future (3.1?): Long term Things that will be investigated Things that will never happen