Monthly Archives: January 2006

webnab 0.2a

Webnab 0.2a is Released.
Just a hotfix release, but its still big improvements 🙂
Spent all of my 3 day weekend working on this.
I even had to buy a new wifi AP to work on it too ><”

Works on 2.00 now (It was the c++ _init thing comments here for info)
Added in some more character escapes.
Fixed pspupdates rendering (Damn there was alot of broken html on there today :P)

Webnab 0.2

okay.. so tomorow at 2am isnt really today…

Anyway, WEBNAB 0.2 released! w00t.
Webnab page here

Its now a general RSS/Atom feed reader, and its pretty hot.
You can change what feeds it uses and customize the gfx, check out the README!

zomg, quite polished looking almost.
Many Many Many Many Many Many….. improvements on the parser and special chars conversion.
Rss reader, Atom reader (probally both are a bit buggy :P)
pspupdates and slashdot are hardwired so they can get special treatment.


Well, guess I should make good use of this blog, since its here and all.
I’ll keep it up to date with my psp dev stuff, and you should be able to read it on your psp with the new webnab (0.2) when it comes out later today…

Progress on webnab is coming along nicely, got reasonable rss/atom support, although I suspect that there is some things in the specs I need to add that I haven’t.

Danzel 😉