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This is my entry for the neoflash competition.

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Ever got annoyed at a PSP game because it had bad controls?
Well be annoyed no more! RemaPSP is here to save the day!

RemaPSP is a program to remap the PSP controls. It also supports turbo (Rapid Fire!) and Macros.
You can remap any of your psp controls to any other. Including taking input from the remote.
It works with Devhook and has a launcher for 1.5 homebrew.

Check the included readme for install, usage, modding instructions.

I plan to release the source code later this week when I have some more time.
If any of the Devhook cheat engine coders want to add this to their system, drop me an email 🙂

Thanks to Haeal and Ayb4btu for the eboot art and to Lordsturm + Macca for their Beta testing help.