Monthly Archives: December 2006


I’ve made a bot based on the irc++lib codebase to make some use of it and to replace the eggdrop bots that were looking after the channels I hang in. eggdrop has served them well but I really don’t know tcl (the scripting language used in eggdrop), so I decided I would integrate php into irc++bot as the scripting language.

This has been very successful so far with an auto-op script being simple to make, and I’ve been supplied with a php class to do searches and grab movie details on the site which is very useful (Thanks Randy!). I’m now in the position where I can easily create new functionality for the bot, which I plan to do 🙂

MANY THANKS to those who have created the embed SAPI for PHP, it is awesome to work with 🙂 and made this a breaze to implement.

Come check it out in #hamlan on undernet if you want to see it in action nicks starting with _’s are bots.