Monthly Archives: May 2007


Minor update for AFKIM.
Probably the last release (other than bugfixes if/when required and a piKey version when I get a keyboard) as I don’t use AFKIM anymore (DSLinux + ssh + screen = FTW)
Don’t forget that afkim is open source, check the readme for the SVN location. If you do make some changes then email me and I can integrate em and make another release or hook you up with a SVN account.

Resolver shouldn't lock up anymore.
Jabber account adding.
Removed Splash.

Download Links:
OE Version
1.5 Version
[EDIT] Download links updated, thanks to LOCOSP for pointing out I forgot to update an image!

Enjoy as always.
My next project will be something that doesn’t need character input, if I ever decide to finish and release it 😛