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  1. Lolska

    Hey Danzel,
    This is a great Update!
    I have a Question.
    I install AFKIM on my PSP with Firmware 3.40 in the Game340 Folder.
    Then i Start and i make a new bitlebee Account.
    After this it came an error message:
    Resolved, Connecting error
    I have Wep an the Router Wlan Power safe is off.

    Thank ya

  2. Geoff

    Whats the difference with this and v3.1?

    I thought v3.1 supports IR keyboard already (PiKey)

  3. Danzel Post author

    @Lolska – Don’t know…. try again?

    @Geoff – This version supports ir keyboards directly.
    Probably not much of an advantage if you already have pikey working.

  4. Thestorey

    Just letting you know the belkin driver with qwerty works like a charm. only thing wrong is that i have to hit the search button to get B to type but this is no problem for me. Also i have a targus board that works perfectly as well. is there any chance you could get with darkalex and write a keyboard driver into the next firmware?

  5. Julie

    Hi I am having trouble I loaded it successful and then when I play the AFKIM it loads and then the screen goes black and it says the game could not be started(8002014C) How do i fix that????

  6. Danzel Post author

    @Thestorey – Talk to ZX-81, he is doing all the IR Keyboard stuff.

    @Julie – A simple google search shows that you probably either:
    – Don’t have a homebrew enabled PSP.
    – Are running OE firmware and put AFKIM in the wrong game folder.

  7. Roka

    I just can’t get this to work on 3.40 OE-A[fresh install].

    1) I have tried it in GAME340
    2) Tried in GAME folder with 3.4 Kernel.
    I simply get a black screen… Any help is greatly appreciated..

    PS: I haven’t copied fw3x but afkim folder… so I ‘m doing the right thing.

    Could u post instructions…

    Roking Roka

  8. Roka

    Works fine…. Previous version incl.. 3.2.1 With Mp3 support never worked. This works well.


  9. Gawker

    This is really cool and now I have a Targus Universal ordered and on the way but I did find a problem I wanted to ask about…

    When someone NOT on my buddy list in AFKIM nothing happens…it just seems like I’m ignoring them. Nothing happens on AFKIM to let me know someone messaged me and there’s no way to respond because the message “never happened”. Is there something I’m not doing right or is that a known issue?

  10. Hannah

    I cant get it too work i download it then transfer and unzip the folder to the game folder via the pc and now it says corrupted data when i try and run it from my psp!! HELP!

    Email hannahcrazy@hotmail.co.uk if you can help!

  11. Danzel Post author

    What PSP firmware version do you have, and which version of AFKIM did you try install?

  12. a_patch

    Ihaa 🙂

    @lolska – U have to change Ur connection type to DHCP

    @Danzel – there is something strange. Version 3.2.1 doesn’t work properly on my FW3.40 OE. There is a message with resolving problem. But version 3.0 for FW1.5 and 3.1 for FW3.xx work correctly.
    – Do U now what was changes in 3.2.1? Maybe port?
    – Is it possible to add MP3 plugin to 3.1 version?

  13. Nikko

    I’ve installed this on my psp, version 3.03 OE-A firmware. If it can’t go paste connection state 3, what does that mean? My psp can’t get past there.

  14. rob

    i have version os 3.40 OE-A and pikey wont run
    ive un ziped and installed the ms_root files to the iso file on my memery stick (this is were my games are) the file apears on my psp as a game but says curupt data and wont run can any one help me
    please e-mail me at robmoore@cis.lk

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