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Defence Station Portable 1.1a

Update: Release 1.1a to fix the bugs in the 1.1 release 🙁
Download links updated too

And like clockwork (on some sort of clock that distorts time and sleep) here is the DSP 1.1 release.

Don’t forget you can still vote for Defence Station Portable on NeoFlash HERE
Thanks for all your votes! 🙂

This version has a slightly longer River TD, plenty of playability fixes and fixes/improves the bugs that prevented many other people from releasing their own maps.
There is also a difficulty modifier, so daring folks can try play the levels through with more difficulty. Try beat River TD on 2.0x difficulty, I DOUBLE DARE YA!

Mapdevs, check the updated leveldev.doc, the file formats are still the same but you can now override more of the images, check levels/test as an example 🙂

Add “How To Play” level.
Difficulty multiplier. (bigger number = more enemy HP)
Show tower stats while placing one.
Add “Save the house” mode.
Show range rings when upgrading towers (Yes, you can upgrade towers! 😛 select one on the map with X)
Show Wave XX/XX Text between waves.
Most game graphics customisable by level.
Fix loading levels made on windows.
Fix Quitting level in middle of wave stops player starting wave.
Fix points (Max 10 points / normal enemy, 40 points / boss. Quicker kill = more points)



Here is the current DSP TODO list, if you think of something missing then please tell me 🙂
Mainly engine changes, going to leave the level making up to you guys 😉

1.1 release should be next 1-2 days.
Update: Move more things to 1.1, hopefully can get it all in 🙂
Things in italics are done.

1.1 (AKA: Things that should of been in the first release)
Can’t play again if you quit in the middle of a wave bug
Difficulty multiplier
If level folder has its own pngs (acceptcampaign, cursor, sidebg_bot, sidebg_top, sidebg_selector, map_selector, font, fontbold, coin, tree) use them
Show wave count
Fix crash bug with windows endlines.
Rebalance ‘river td’, add a few more waves.
Tell how to upgrade tower
Fix Points
Better PSP controls.
Render Range rings when upgrading towers.
When selecting a Tower to buy, display all details parameters (range, time to fire, damage…)
Release Level making assistant tool (Defines Buildable map and Wave path)
“Save the house” : if ONE enemy reaches one given point, you loose

Maybe 1.1
Destroy/Sell tower
Buy Lives
Release source code
Load enemies only when needed.
Skinnable game over / you win.
Fix tower placing to round better instead of truncating.
Show tower stats on mouse over
Deactivate menu (unload sprites, more memerysz) before full loading the level
Credits Screen
In-game sounds (Wav) for “Wave start”, “tower settlement”, “Game over” & “End game”
Draw all tower target range when settling a new tower (to see overlaps)
Better PNG size (wxh) checks (=> display error) when loading else it freezes
Fix InGame Menu, should return to previous state.

Nearish Future
High Score screen
Possibility to define multiple waves with or not different routes, and with their own starttime
In-game music (mp3, mod)
Draw lifebar (option) below each enemy
Further Shot Types for Shot engine.
– Missile particle trail (option)
Mini-image for campaign on first menu
Savedata (player name, scores, levels, stats…)
XML level, ennemy, tower configuration files (TinyXML is C++/OS independant)
– Tilemap based level definition for easy level construction (TileStudio)
– Bigger maps than 32×32
Define where is the turret roration center (X,Y) if not the middle, as the Starcraft Goliath turrent is on top of the legs, not on the middle
Turrent animation SpriteSheet when shooting
Configurable SpriteSheet frames (sometimes 4 frames are not enough…)
Make Slow change with tower levels (time and length of effect)
GlBits3 (More efficient rendering, more framerate!)
– Investigate changing render functions to take floats instead of ints.
If you use an ordered insert into the instances lists, then when rendering it will be more efficient (render same sprite all at same time).
– Towers and shots can use this, enemies not really as we rely on their ordering

Further Future
Make menu hideable.
Online score tracking! / Level downloading
Render ground enemies THEN flying enemies.
Levels in Campaign.
– Code to jump to level X
Wave paths :
– Fixed (as you did path with step points)
– Curve (sin, cos)
– Collision detection (enemies will turn right is a wall is in front of them)
Add min range (o define a target reachable band instead of a target reachable disc)
Add “Miss ratio” (how often the shot missed the target)

Defence Station Portable

Voting is up!

Fixed PSP executable
What was up?
Windows capitalises some of the folders when putting it on the PSP, this made the game bug out when loading towers and enemies.

Digg This!

For my neoflash entry this time, I’ve made a fully customisable tower defence game for the psp.
It runs on the PSP, and also linux and windows to assist in creating new levels 🙂
The level creation guide is included, please make lots of levels! 😀 😀 :D.

Oh yeah, the points counter is broken, known bug. I’ll fix it tomorow >_>

Neoflash link.

Defence Station Portable Screenshot

Big thanks to:
#hamlan for support
My collegues at SmarTrak GPS Tracking for some of the audio 😉
JMC for some of the audio 😉
Surreal for the build menu graphics.
Dapples for font selection.
thefamilyman and Dapples for hosting the downloads!
Myself 😛
And obviously tyranid, gimp devs, audacity devs, inkscape devs. Awesome software guys 😀

Download:PSP, Windows, Linux
Mirror:PSP, Windows, Linux

Mac version coming soon once I get access to a mac 🙂


I’ll release the source under GPL including the SVGs I made the images from (under CC) sometime over the next week, will set up a project or something for it.