Monthly Archives: December 2007 cheating / hacks / security flaws etc.

NOTE: The following contains instructions that may violate the mintshot TOS, anything you do is your own fault.
This is being posted so that the public can see how badly written mintshot is, which will hopefully kick the developers into fixing it so that those people who enjoy watching ads can get paid for it (I’m not one of them).

Mintshot is a poorly coded, insecure and easy to cheat website.
The level of security shown on the site makes me worry for the future of web development.
The security problems detailed in this post, allow users to gain more m$ (the currency on the website) than they should be able to, thereby giving them an unfair advantage over the people who use the site legitimately.

Layman’s version: People can cheat on mintshot and get more money than you. This will let them win every auction and get all the prizes!

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