CTorrentPSP – Torrent client for PSP (obv!)

ey All, Neoflash time again!
This time I’m entering a torrent client for PSP, because I thought we need one.
Turns out we don’t really need one, but it is nice to have it anyway 🙂

Download CTorrentPSP Executable
Download CTorrentPSP Source

Read the README.PSP for more details and the list of bugs 😉
Delete the resources/splash.png to get rid of the splash screen.
Let me know what you download with it! lol! 🙂

Developed under M33 3.90-2, using PSPLINK (of course), run under 3.XX Kernel. 1.5 not supported (Use the code, you can make it work on 1.5 if you want it to)

296 thoughts on “CTorrentPSP – Torrent client for PSP (obv!)

  1. JoonBoi

    @ Danzel
    Thnx for this great app.

    @ mike

    more than DLing ur version of this app, I wish to know ur results.. If Danzel allows u to post the updated version, then I’ll be happy to use it.
    I actualy use quite a few PSP apps. such as ad-hoc file transfer, and wi-file.. so this just makes sense for me..

  2. AlexJ

    I’ll try and compile mike’s code myself,
    But i need the programs,
    Can i use Visual C++ to compile ?

  3. Brandon

    What would be great for app is if they could integrate a setting for forwarding ports to the app through your router which I think would make the connection a whole lot faster.

  4. btw

    whenever i try to download a torrent the download percentage stays at 0% and i have left it alone for over 2 hours and it still doesn’t download, can some1 plz help

  5. kenkoii

    Hello Danzel, i cant seem to make it work on my PSP, im running on 4.01 m33-2 cfw.

    ive tried putting it on GAME4xx folder, and on the GAME folder. both ways showing same results.

    After I choose wifi connection, it then goes to the downloading phase but all files are stuck on 0%.

    I would really like to get this to work on my PSP coz its a brilliant application.

    u could email me @ kenithjava@yahoo.com

  6. Danzel Post author

    Are you trying the included (legal) NIN torrent from thepiratebay?
    It worked for me when I released it, I don’t see why it wouldn’t now (thepiratebay is still around right? :P)

    Does your wifi work properly in other homebrew?

  7. mysoogal

    where is the doc how to use this freaking thing.

    why is it using the customized connection ? it gets stack and freeze then reboot ctorrent !

    maybe U should be using the PSPs own connection code.

    oh why do these psp application come with zero tutorials how to use them ? you guys think i can mind read or something

  8. Danzel Post author

    There is a readme included!
    From the post above:
    “Read the README.PSP for more details and the list of bugs”

    Jeeze 😛

    Also this was released more than a year ago, we didn’t know how the wifi connection dialog worked then.

  9. Cody S.

    Hi Danzel. For some reason the app won’t download anything from PirateBay. Do you have any idea why this is happening or what could be done to fix it? Thanks in advance and have a good one. 🙂

  10. Danzel Post author

    Nope, it worked when I released it.
    Maybe they have changed something so that it doesn’t work with the (admittedly VERY basic) torrent library CTorrentPSP uses.

  11. Cody S.

    I was trying a few different sites. SumoTorrent, Seedpeer, Fenopy, IsoHunt, BTmon. No luck. :\
    Thanks for the link. 🙂 Will that work on my PSP?

  12. Danzel Post author

    That is what this already is, more or less.
    Most torrents these days are multi-tracker, maybe the version of ctorrent enhanced used (which is the sourceforge project dtorrent) has trouble with them.

  13. prince

    hey danzel can u tell me that does ctorrent works
    on psp with 5.00 m33.

    please reply to this

    thax for your coming advice

  14. Cody

    I noticed that Pirate Bay has 0 seeders/leechers for IPv6, but IPv4 seems to be looking normal. Could that be why this program isn’t working with Pirate Bay?

  15. Cody

    Ah. Well do you have any idea why btjunkie is the only site that works for me instead of any others?

  16. Tater

    Hey Danzel, I know you have gotten this comment many times but I read all previous posts and couldnt find a solution for me. I use to have a fat psp with CtorrentPSP on it and it worked perfectly but now I have a psp 2000 with cfw 5.03 mhu and I have problems. . The app loads great but when I select a torrent 1 of 2 things happen. It either gets to connection 3 and freezes or connects and doesnt download. Any suggestions?(Man this sucks typing on a wii)

  17. Tater

    Just downloaded and played Dsp V2… I have always been a fan of tower defence games and this one is actually the best I have played so far. Hope you take constructive criticism well 😛 I only found 2 things I dislike about it. . Is it possible to win without losing a life cause my zillion tries at accomplishing that feat all failed. The second is the lack of a damage reading for the weapons. How else can I figure out which weapon gives me the biggest bang for my buck? A way to see the enemys health percentage would be nice too. . Woops thats three my bad 😉 But honestly great game and still awaiting answer one post up 😛

  18. Danzel Post author

    @Tater – I’m not sure why it doesn’t work on 5.00.
    I have um 5.00 M33 (I think… PSP is flat) and it works fine.
    Does other wifi homebrew work? What ones have you tried?

    Cheers on the DSP feedback. One day I’d like to revisit it and fix up some of the broken things.

  19. malgj

    i open the program choose the torrent connects to the net but when it starts downloading all the no r zero and they stay like that im running 5.00 m33-6

  20. Dave65

    can u tell me a user friendly compiler so i can compile the source? i’ve tried minPSPw but i can’t understand it much

  21. Lotus_Feet

    Hey.. firstly nice work danzel…. i got the app running on my psp 2000 cfw 5.00 m33-6 but as most have also posted earlier.. it connects but shows all zeroes for the seeds/peers/ups/downs….

    can you help…is thre a prob with any settings that should be done…thanks in adv

  22. Danzel Post author

    The version of Enhanced CTorrent that CTorrentPSP is based on only supports 1 tracker from torrent files.
    I think you will find that for the torrents you are trying to use the first tracker in the file is no longer available (thepiratebay has closed its tracker for example).
    CTorrent also doesn’t support DHT or PEX, so they won’t help.

    Open the torrent file on your PC and see what the first tracker in the list is and see wether it works.

  23. Rinc

    Hey Danzel thanx for this app. Will you please update this app. for us? I have to restart ctorrent constantly when Im connected to to many peers. I was getting download speeds of 120kbs untill it reaches a limit then it just drops to 0. Will you PLEASE update? Thanks

  24. rfmodulater

    seriously, it downloads only from 1 website(btjunkie) because it’s an ancient version of ctorrent.update is necessary…

  25. Style Thing

    I’ve found possible solution. So download Notepad++, then open EBOOT file with it, search for “ctorrent.prx” and you’ll see -M 20. Replace -M with -D and 20 with 50. Then save it. Peers will not be limited and down speed limits at 50 KB. Use this version only for not popular torrents :*]

  26. ahmad tariq

    hy this is a koolest app i ever had sean but it download very slow >> 🙂 but i like it alot
    thankxx man thankxxx

  27. Sumeet S

    Works in 5.50 GEN-D3. Just downloaded a torrent. The download froze at 99%, but the download completed when I restarted ctorrent. Great app and a much needed one. Good work danzel.

  28. rfmodulater

    Style Thing, how much time did you spend to find this solution? it works much better now, but sadly doesn’t download at 200 kb anymore…
    guess i’ll keep 1 of each version. =)

  29. rfmodulater

    could you upload a copy of this mod?
    i’m sure everyone would appreciate it.
    and change the icon0.png to say ctorrent mod too.

  30. rfmodulater

    nevermind, i did it myself.
    i don’t know if i should upload it though…
    give me feedback.

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