CTorrentPSP – Torrent client for PSP (obv!)

ey All, Neoflash time again!
This time I’m entering a torrent client for PSP, because I thought we need one.
Turns out we don’t really need one, but it is nice to have it anyway 🙂

Download CTorrentPSP Executable
Download CTorrentPSP Source

Read the README.PSP for more details and the list of bugs 😉
Delete the resources/splash.png to get rid of the splash screen.
Let me know what you download with it! lol! 🙂

Developed under M33 3.90-2, using PSPLINK (of course), run under 3.XX Kernel. 1.5 not supported (Use the code, you can make it work on 1.5 if you want it to)

296 thoughts on “CTorrentPSP – Torrent client for PSP (obv!)

  1. rfmodulater

    after further testing, i get an “error cx00152 the psp will now shutdown.”
    and now it doesn’t download from btjunkie, lol.
    guess i’ll just stick to the original,sigh…

  2. rfmodulater

    looked around the eboot and found no problems, weird…
    maybe it was just that one time…
    and it DOES download from btjunkie, the torrent i found just didn’t have any trackers^.^

  3. Keith

    Hey man,

    This is one sick application for PSP. This only application can keep PSP alive(i think). I don’t use PSP anymore for gaming but only for surfing & videos, music.

    Well PC eats up lot of power while downloading stuff but PSP can help save those huge electricity bills. May be u could devote ur little time to update & fix bugs on this solo application.

    Although u r a legend for me but this legend should keep on going!


    Thank u.

  4. 5.5 gen d3

    i used to use this application but now i cant download anything..it just stay 0kbps. whats wrong with my psp or something wrong with ctorrent?

  5. Tom

    aight so i tried this on 5.00 m33-6 and it doesnt download but it doesnt freeze. like you can choose a torrent but it doesnt download. maybe it was because of the torrent? idk.

  6. Tom

    also i forgot to ask how to change it to work on 1.50 kernel? ive got leda on my slim i wanted to change it to 1.50

  7. Tom

    okay. last comment. i just tried a black eyed peas torrent and it worked perfectly on the computer. doesnt work on the psp.

  8. Tom

    heres the actual last comment. sorry. is there some button that a need to press to start the torrent? cause once it gets to the main downloading part, the green LED doesnt even flash. maybe like once every 5 seconds and the MS light doesnt flash. not like a usual download that flashes once every tenth of a second and the MS LED flashes.

  9. Danzel Post author

    I don’t know how to change it to work on 1.5.
    It starts downloading straight away, so if it doesn’t download that is weird. Could be a limitation of the version of CTorrent used.

  10. Tom

    i went back to 3.90 m33-3 with HCRF and tried it again but still didnt work same result as on 5.00 M33-6. im 100% sure its not the torrent cause i tried it on the computer and it was going 1000+ kbs with like 1500+ seeders and peers in the swarm. idk. ya know whats wrong? i also disabled all plugins to know that it wasnt any plugin conflict. i wonder y it doesnt work.

  11. Tom

    i think i got it. the torrent file cannot contain more than one “.” because ctorrent gets confused with what type of file it is. works fine on 5.00 m33-6

  12. Reuben

    I have been using ctorrentpsp for more than a year now ………. I really liked this app . I have downloaded many things with this (Even movies and games which are 700 mb) at times i have got my full transfer rate i.e just 33kbps but it stops after sometime (its not like how he said the download stops after it crosses 60kbps).whenever i download big stuff i just keep my psp with which becomes a big headache at times …… I just request you to atleast fix this one problem of ctorrentpsp . I would save a lot of time because i could download big stuff when i am sleeping at night and it would save a lot of money and time because if i do downloading when everyone is awake well no one will be able to browse easily. So this software is actually a life saver (kind of) :).

  13. Tom

    nevermind. i guess it was the torrent that i was using. for some reason it wouldnt work with ctorrent

  14. A God.

    Been using CT for a while now. This app stopped working today(stopped downloading, still loads and connects). Tried everything from reinstalling, to formatting MS, using other PSPs, downgrading/upgrading PSPs, and trying torrents that have worked in the past.

    Anyone else having this problem now?

    Maybe a new version is needed.

  15. aadar

    when i start the app installer i open it and it says cant open zip file?? what to do pls help

  16. Tom

    aadar you need to unpack the .rar file before you put it on the psp… google winrar download it then unpack the .rar and put it on the psp. also this app doesnt need an update unless its not working for 5.50 GEN cause it works fine on 5.00 m33

  17. Chuck

    all these people say that they are editing there Ctorrent how are they doing it and what to change?

  18. Seawee207

    HI! Danzel is there a source code for this? or if i made a big donation do u think u can update? Its just a Thought? please reply

    Thank You!

  19. Danzel Post author

    Source code is linked in the post.
    I haven’t seen a single donation for this yet, but In such a case I could dust off the psp and do an update. We could update the ctorrent code to the latest which will introduce multi tracker support and some other good things I think

  20. Emanuel

    Wow. 0 donations? I wish i had money so i could thank you. I’ve used this tool for almost a year now. I have a Psp-1000 and a Pspgo, I leave the
    Psp-1000 on all night downloading into my 8gb memory stick, I even downloaded windows 7 with it ^^
    I have 1$ in paypal.. lol it’s not much but if you want it i could give it to you. oh and thanks again
    for this amazing tool! keep up the updates xD

  21. Alex

    Sorry about the post I made above it was a mistake

    Thanks for this! 🙂 it really is an amazing program 😀 I’m sorry I dont have any money to spare atm and I dont have a paypal but If I had money I would donate to you. I would love to see a update to this 🙂

  22. Mayur

    Hi Denzel,
    your App is grate but can u plz tell me y it is stuck on 0% i try many torrents but it’s still on 0% and also i have good speed in my WiFi can u plz tell me y it is happning
    Thanks and one more time ur app is so good

  23. Gašper

    hi every body i got one ctorrent and it is don’t working i click on internet conection but it is don’t download what can i do? i have psp version 6.20 cfw

  24. DAVID

    thanks for this great app!!! but my psp 2000 works fine with selecting torrents and wifi ap but when i start downloading it wont download 0peers and 0kbps dlspeed

  25. gadget

    installed the program and opens fine. Put the torrent file i want to download in the torrent folder of the client and started the program. Connects to the wifi and starts the torrent but nothing is downloading. Number on the bottom left are 0/0/1. Why is this not working? Running cfw 5.00 m33-4. Please help..

  26. El laplander

    Hey, ya’ll:

    CtorrentPSP doesn’t support HTTPS trackers or authentication. Throw some cash at the devs- it’s the only nice thing to do. I bet it’ll motivate some development.

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