DSP isn’t dead!

I’ve started doing some work on DSP again for…. my own purposes 🙂

First up was separating the UI from the Game logic code (which it should of been in the first place!)
I’m mostly done with this, but still have to clean up the sdl_psp/GameMenu interactions with Game.

Once I’m done with this, SDL_Mixer needs to be abstracted away, glbits2 needs to be improved (remove immediate mode, get opengl to do maths, rectangle sprites, etc)

Then….. Finishing off the XML integration, porting RiverTD to XML, and more… we’ll see 🙂

Check the SVN here for the current todo list

5 thoughts on “DSP isn’t dead!

  1. Shazz

    Yeaaaaaah cool 🙂

    Not sure I’m alive but cool to see you are !
    I wonder what has happened to get you back from the deads 😀

  2. tonydean

    i really love dsp, but i wish there were more towers, enmeys, and a bigger map! i wish the new dsp would hurry up and release. well ig2g. bbl

  3. Danzel Post author

    Well, its not “Forbidden”, but I won’t include it in the official release.
    Of course something original would be much better 🙂

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