DSP Update…

If you’ve watched SVN lately(ish) you would of seen that I’ve abstracted almost all the system dependent parts.

I’ve decided I need to do the same with GLBits too, but my linux desktop is currently in the lounge…. so I won’t be working on that for a bit 🙂

I’m going to have a go at compiling the SDL version on my Mac and then I’ll port RiverTD to XML.

Update: Support to build on mac committed 🙂

Update2: RiverTD is now ported to XML, I haven’t fully tested it but it seems to work.

3 thoughts on “DSP Update…

  1. HOkk

    Hi! This one is a bit off topic but anyways;

    I’ve seen your old release of DSP for PSP, and I would really like to play the game.. only problem is I have PSP slim and lite, and your homebrew isn’t compatible with that one.. I would really much appreciate if you could release a PSP Slim compatible version your game!!

  2. wololo

    Keep up the good work, I’ve been playing DSP a lot, especially the Warcraft Map made by someone at Qj a while ago.
    DSP has an impressive replay value compared to most PSP homebrews !

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