DSP Update time!

Its time for another weekly(ish) update on DSP progress.
The last week I have been mainly focused on content creation.

  • Change XML so that levels can have multiple maps, similar to Vector TD
  • Surreal contributed 3 new maps for River TD, so you can fight on different (harder!) rivers.
  • River TD now has 46 enemies, all hand crafted by myself.
  • Fixed 100% CPU usage in windows.
  • Range ring improvements – Draw them Anti-Aliased, don’t show both when upgrading if you don’t need to.
  • Graphics to go behind the top numbers in mouse_ui
  • Gave the window a title in windows/linux builds 🙂
  • Added health bars to enemies
  • Fixed towers not shooting on long maps, or shooting off map on short ones
DSP R249

DSP R249

5 thoughts on “DSP Update time!

  1. vinhskiies

    omgawd, i’m so eager to play this…
    and it’s more of a monthly update LOL


    & btw, i’m happy to test the game for you 😉

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