DSP Update – 27th January

Woops, forgot to write an update yesterday!

This week I’ve…. uh….. been playing Diablo 2… lol.

But in actual DSP news, I’ve fixed up the gamepad (PSP) interface so it builds again. I plan to spend the next week bringing its usability in line with the Mouse version.

DSP R312

DSP R312

No visible changes, the laser tower gets the wrong icon… Something else that needs fixing!

Next weeks update will be much more exciting hopefully 🙂

4 thoughts on “DSP Update – 27th January


    Great to see updates, been checking page from time to time and forgot for a while, during the holidays, and when I did finally check, I noticed you been updating which is excellent!! the Psp needs a defense game like this so bad and it looks like yours is gonna nicely fill that void. been looking for the latest build svn or whatever to check out but don’t see any builds on the Sf site. Any idea if you might want to post it for a fan to try? thanks and congrats on a great game!

  2. Danzel Post author

    Its on my private SVN at the moment, so there is nothing new to see on SF.
    You get to wait like everyone else 😉

  3. nachoaddict

    do I put both the dsp and dsp% folders in the game150 folder to work? and the dsp folder shows up as corrupted data. should I leave this there? in the game menu

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