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DSP Update – 27th January

Woops, forgot to write an update yesterday!

This week I’ve…. uh….. been playing Diablo 2… lol.

But in actual DSP news, I’ve fixed up the gamepad (PSP) interface so it builds again. I plan to spend the next week bringing its usability in line with the Mouse version.

DSP R312

DSP R312

No visible changes, the laser tower gets the wrong icon… Something else that needs fixing!

Next weeks update will be much more exciting hopefully 🙂

DSP Update – 19th January

Its that time again!

This last week I spent lots more time balancing River TD, and I’m getting quite happy with it finally.

While doing this (I’ve played River TD so many damn times… so so many times) I found some small rendering issues and cleaned them up.

Here is the list of changes as of Friday night:

  • Air enemies render on top of land enemies.
  • Health bar renders on top of everything (Before lasers would stop you seeing the health bar).
  • Refactor some code so that the [New Game] button works.
  • Fix selling laser type towers (Was crashing the game)
  • Ability to make enemies loop when they hit the end of their path, so you have to eventually kill them.
  • Always give the same amount of points for killing an enemy (Previously it decreased the longer an enemy was alive).

But of course… There is more 😉 I spent all Saturday (and another hour today) adding pathfinding, just like the flash based Desktop Tower Defence.

Maps can now specify pathfinding and enemies will work out their own way around your towers! This leads to all sorts of cool new map ideas, I have one up my sleeve 🙂

Here is a screenshot from the test level showing it off:

DSP R304

DSP R304

The plan for the next week is to catch up on my sleep and maybe add another new feature to the engine before I start work on another level. 🙂

DSP Update – 12th January

Nothing much to report this week….

I put all of the enemies in order for the level and have begun balancing them, the rough cut I have so far is looking fairly good, if maybe a little difficult.
Over the next week I’ll be playing and replaying until I am happy with the difficulty.

I have a massive spreadsheet for enemies and another one for towers.
One of the things I’ve found with the current development version is that there is no reason to build anything except laser towers.. So I’m trying to combat this, which is turning out to be a lot more difficult than I expected!

DSP Update time!

Its time for another weekly(ish) update on DSP progress.
The last week I have been mainly focused on content creation.

  • Change XML so that levels can have multiple maps, similar to Vector TD
  • Surreal contributed 3 new maps for River TD, so you can fight on different (harder!) rivers.
  • River TD now has 46 enemies, all hand crafted by myself.
  • Fixed 100% CPU usage in windows.
  • Range ring improvements – Draw them Anti-Aliased, don’t show both when upgrading if you don’t need to.
  • Graphics to go behind the top numbers in mouse_ui
  • Gave the window a title in windows/linux builds 🙂
  • Added health bars to enemies
  • Fixed towers not shooting on long maps, or shooting off map on short ones
DSP R249

DSP R249