DSP Update – 23rd February

An update on time-ish for once!

This week I drafted a  main menu for the mouse UI, then Surreal created something that looks incredibly sexy based on my requirements. I haven’t integrated this yet, hopefully during the next week.

Instead, I implemented Save/Load. So when you have to quickly power off your PSP or quit your game, you can resume right where you left off!

This isn’t yet complete, currently Shots don’t save, but I’m part way through implementing it, so I should finish it tomorrow.

No screenshots this week, as Save/Load doesn’t make for an interesting screenshot…

3 thoughts on “DSP Update – 23rd February

  1. TheWackness

    Nice to see another update.

    Any idea on when you think this will be available for testing/dl?

    I need me a TD game to tide me over til pixeljunk monsters comes out on psp >>

    Keep up the good work Danzel

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