DSP Update – March 2nd

During the week I pretty much finished off save/load. Currently pathfind enemies don’t load correctly, I still need to fix it. everything else loads perfectly! 🙂

During the weekend Surreal came over and we integrated most of the new menu:

This required updating the fonts, and as the existing font system was…. unweildy, surreal forced me to rewrite it to use freetype. So now plugging in new sexy fonts is easy as!!!

Surreal provided a new font, so I plugged it in. Then as the new font system takes coordinates to draw at differently, I had to update everywhere text was rendered… zzz….

Anyway, an example:

Next week will be finishing the menu, fixing save/load for pathfind enemies, code cleanup of the new font system, perhaps some minor improvements to the pathfind system, end game handling and more….

Edit: Crossing out items I’ve now done.