DSP Update – March 24th

Seriously late update here….. Anyways >_>

The menu is now mostly implemented, it shows the level name and description as well as the level image.

I’ve fixed up all the issues I’ve encountered related to the new font being slightly wider, text wasn’t fitting on some buttons, tower upgrade menu was a total mess.

Pathfind now looks more natural: enemies will continue travelling in the same direction so long as it is the most efficient path.

Begin work on end game handling (What to do when you win/lose)

I also have a firm final date for the new release… So the next DSP will be out BEFORE 1st of May.

I’ll have some more awesome things to announce over the next while as I get nearer release 🙂

Next weeks todos:

Finish end game handling: high score entering and recording, show high scores on main menu.

14 thoughts on “DSP Update – March 24th

  1. qubodup

    I was able to compile it, I had to add


    to ui_gamepad/MainMenu.cpp though.


    Crashed at
    [20] Spawning: submarine2
    Floating point exception

  2. Danzel Post author

    I’m developing in a private SVN at the moment, the sourceforge SVN isn’t up to date yet. When I release I’ll update it.

  3. Madpassion

    SUCCESS! After much hassle, grief and getting really annoyed, I have finally gotten the game to work. The game is excellent and I am looking forward for the next release. I am also currently creating my own TD in Flash, sadly not for PSP, though I wouldn’t mind finding that out too lol. Great work.

  4. Danzel Post author

    There will be updated level creation documentation coming soon, so you can see how to create levels for DSP 🙂

  5. How about now

    It’s not out yet! 1st may, anyone would think the PSP wasn’t you primary focus >< lols

  6. Tormentor667

    Meeh… Where is it? 🙂 By the way, is the new one working with the new kernels? I was never a big fan of timemachine and the 1.5 kernel.

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