Monthly Archives: March 2009

DSP Update – March 24th

Seriously late update here….. Anyways >_>

The menu is now mostly implemented, it shows the level name and description as well as the level image.

I’ve fixed up all the issues I’ve encountered related to the new font being slightly wider, text wasn’t fitting on some buttons, tower upgrade menu was a total mess.

Pathfind now looks more natural: enemies will continue travelling in the same direction so long as it is the most efficient path.

Begin work on end game handling (What to do when you win/lose)

I also have a firm final date for the new release… So the next DSP will be out BEFORE 1st of May.

I’ll have some more awesome things to announce over the next while as I get nearer release 🙂

Next weeks todos:

Finish end game handling: high score entering and recording, show high scores on main menu.

DSP Update – March 9th

This week I finished off save support. As far as I have tested saving and loading everything (that matters) works! Finally!

I cleaned up the code in the new font system, then started on cleaning it up and moving freetype out, so I can build without freetype. The way it will work is there will be an external tool powered by freetype to generate the font files (image and settings). Then I won’t need to link against freetype, which is good as I don’t have it set up on my mac, and may not have it on other platforms I want to build DSP for.

I did a bit of work on the level select menu, as shown here:

The top right area isn’t implemented yet (nor are the scores). The top right area will show an image of the selected level and a brief description.

Next week will be: Finish menu, finish refactoring font system, end game handling, new level?….

DSP Update – March 2nd

During the week I pretty much finished off save/load. Currently pathfind enemies don’t load correctly, I still need to fix it. everything else loads perfectly! 🙂

During the weekend Surreal came over and we integrated most of the new menu:

This required updating the fonts, and as the existing font system was…. unweildy, surreal forced me to rewrite it to use freetype. So now plugging in new sexy fonts is easy as!!!

Surreal provided a new font, so I plugged it in. Then as the new font system takes coordinates to draw at differently, I had to update everywhere text was rendered… zzz….

Anyway, an example:

Next week will be finishing the menu, fixing save/load for pathfind enemies, code cleanup of the new font system, perhaps some minor improvements to the pathfind system, end game handling and more….

Edit: Crossing out items I’ve now done.