DSP (not) Release Announcement

As you’ve obviously seen, DSP isn’t out yet and it is past the 1st of May.
Well I admit, I sort of fibbed a bit when I said it was going to be out on the 1st. The 1st was actually the date that DST had to be finished.

DST is Defense Station Touchable, DSP for the iPhone!


On the 1st of May DST was submitted to the App Store and is currently awaiting approval for release 🙂

The PSP version needs some more work before it can be released. The main menu needs updating and the Achievements system needs linking in.
I’m not sure how many of the Maps I’ll bring over to PSP, probably not the 5 that will be released with the iPhone version, but definitely more than the 1 of previous versions.
There will most likely be some memory issues to deal with, but I’ll find out when I have a look at how it runs.
I’ll be testing aga

More detail will come later this week as I work on getting the PSP version up to scratch.

PS: Sorry I didn’t post this earlier, I drafted it and forgot to publish >_<

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  1. Call me a noob

    where do i download the newest version of ur game i really sorry i cant find a link but i love the old 1.1a

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