DSP on sf.net

DSP has finally arrived on SF.net! http://sourceforge.net/projects/dsp/
And its blog: http://dsp.sf.net
This means the source code is now available, etc etc etc.

I’ll get some documents up on the source layout and such things as I have time over the next week.

As I have said in the DSP News:

Its been a long wait but it was worth it!
The current release (1.1a) has been uploaded and the SVN repository has been imported.

I’ve decided on GPL v3 for the code, and licensed the existing art under a creative commons license (see readme.txt)

I am keen to have more levels hosted in the SVN, but only ones which are CC licensed.
Only levels included in the SVN will be in the official releases, but there will be a wiki page dedicated to level links.

The wiki pages will slowly show up over the next few days as I import them from various sources.