Webnab 0.2

okay.. so tomorow at 2am isnt really today…

Anyway, WEBNAB 0.2 released! w00t.
Webnab page here

Its now a general RSS/Atom feed reader, and its pretty hot.
You can change what feeds it uses and customize the gfx, check out the README!

zomg, quite polished looking almost.
Many Many Many Many Many Many….. improvements on the parser and special chars conversion.
Rss reader, Atom reader (probally both are a bit buggy :P)
pspupdates and slashdot are hardwired so they can get special treatment.

2 thoughts on “Webnab 0.2

  1. Gary13579

    Hello Danzel

    Great job on the RSS reader 😀
    If I knew you were this far ahead, I wouldn’t have even tried.
    Posting it on PSP-Hacks/PSP3D now.

    I’ve been having a few problems with your libcurl port.. I try to compile the file in libcurl-7.15.1/psp_req, but it gives an error about not being able to find the file “netinet/in.h”.
    Please note that I’m not using this for the RSS reader anymore, but I have another project that uses WiFi/XML, and needs libcurl.

    If you can contact me, irc.toc2rta.com, Gary13579, MSN, Gary13579@hotmail.com, email, you’ve got it, I would really appreciate it.

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