AFKIM update preview

Heres some preview pics of the next version

New skin 🙂


The new theme is by Randy, many thanks to him 🙂 (old theme is gone gone gone)
New input method is in of course, looks pretty much done (except the bug documented in that screenshot, lol)
For those that enjoy it, p_sprint is still in there as an option. (default will be the new OSK, danzeff)
I’m going to spend the next week fixing bugs and getting some more functionality in and hopefully we should see a release in a weeks time. 🙂

3 thoughts on “AFKIM update preview


    Can you do the POLISH instant messaging called Gadu-Gadu ?? I can help you, because there is no POLISH Homebres Aplications! Please I can help with Translate Polish!

  2. oswald

    in need help for my afkim when i connect to my user name and pasword after some time waiting a scary blue screen comes up, what is wrong whit my afkim, i have psp v1.5

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