Since I’ve blabbed this all over the peldet release thread on pspupdates I may as well post it here 🙂

I’ve been quite busy with work and University recently, so my PSP dev time has been at a minimum.

Heres my current homebrew todo list:

  1. Integrate afkim + maybe others into pspradio plugins (webnab needs a fairly big rewrite to get in so I may not bother for now, infact I will leave peldet untill its had its next big rewrite too)
  2. Split peldet+afkim into “afkim” (im client), “afkirc” (irc client), “peldet” (telnet/ssh client). These will all be pspradio plugins aswell as standalone apps.
  3. Add ssh to peldet
  4. Make all my apps better.

I have currently managed to get afkim working in pspradio, although there is still a bit of work to do before I can add it as a proper plugin.
Peldet will be getting the new danzeff keyboard in addition to the current psprint keyboard, I will make a modified danzeff to make it better for use with telnet/ssh.
AFKIRC will be based off the irc core that I rewrote for AFKIM, which was based on the IRC code I originally wrote for peldet (much improved however, hahaha). The code is now generic enough that it could be used to easily make an irc client for most any system, so I may make a libirc from it in the future if I have the time 🙂
This IRC code still needs some improvements for more generic IRC use, but it is coming along nicely and I’ve managed to hack together a AFKIRC test client from it without too many changes. Currently when it has errors it just stops working, and pm’s and a whole lot of other useful messages get parsed and thrown away, which isn’t very useful.
The current codebase shouldn’t be toooo difficult to get multiple channel support into, so expect that to happen at some stage 🙂


6 thoughts on “Update

  1. robin

    I don’t know if Jabbers works at Psp 2.60 ? 😮
    But it seems very nice! Thank you.
    I’ve one more question. Where must I place the file afkim2_1.zip ?
    Thank you ;]

  2. Dan

    Hi love the apps, i have a problem with the AFKIM2.0 i got it to install fine with the eloader. It starts up and i enter in a username an pword it then goes through the connection stages it then says- Resolving, resolved, connecting, connection error.
    I have a working internet connection and can connect with the psp browser.
    I am using 2.6 OS
    Any suggestions?

  3. jared

    Hey dude, AFKIM is rad. I tried to use peldet as an irc client, but the keyboard gave me a headache. The thing I’d most like to see in a future release from you is an Irc client using the danzeff keyboard. Keep up the good work.

  4. Michael Adcock

    I have a suggestion for a future version of AFKIM (or AFKIRC)… Are you aware of Brettspielwelt? It’s a server that hosts various German boardgames, and with the official Java client or the web applet you can connect and play games with other people online. I discovered recently that someone started writing an open source client (sort of an IRC bridge), and the code is available at: http://freshmeat.net/projects/bsw-proxy/

    I’d love it if you could get this working as an option under AFKIM. Even if it’s only possible to chat with people on the server, that would still be cool. 🙂

    I’ve been working on my own to try to decipher the mounds of data that pass between the BSW server and client, in the hopes that one day I can cobble together a working client and be able to play some of these games on my PSP. Currently, I’ve got my crappy client logging in to the server, but it’s not really doing much else. I haven’t started to dig deeply into the code I posted at the link above, but I’m hoping it will get me a bit further.

    I couldn’t find an email address for you so I figured I’d post here in the hopes that you read your blog comments. Let me know if the BSW stuff interests you at all. I’m personally more interested in playing some of the games on the PSP, but I have to get the protocol stuff working before that’s possible.

    Great job with AFKIM, by the way!

  5. NeonLightning

    as i told you on irc i love your software makes great use of avail software

    but i totally can’t wait to see if you do split up those three

    but i also wanna see what else can be done to make remapsp cooler(i mostly love the swapani_digi for playing bladedancer)

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