11 thoughts on “WordPress upgrade

  1. Brandon

    Hey I love AFKIM and use it all the time on my 1.50. I am just wondering, how come setting away states doesn’t work? Also a good feature for the next version would be the ability to scroll up and down the conversation, maybe using l and r or something. please email back when/if you can.

  2. Kaizoku

    I’m having trouble running AFKIM on my 2.6 PSP. It comes to the screen where I have to select my connection, I press X then it says “Connecting STate D of 4” and doesnt do anything from there on out..I have WLAN on and my wireless router is working just fine, can you help me out?

  3. Syberi

    I have v2.80 on my PSP & I tryed to install afkim v2 on my psp, but it keeps saying its corupt file.. what should i do or will you release a version for 2.80+ ??

  4. kev

    Um syberi, There isnt gonna be a 2.80 version cuz it hasnt been cracked yet there isnt an exploit so either u gotta wait a couple months or just buy ur self a 2.6 psp and downgrage

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