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Ever got annoyed at a PSP game because it had bad controls?
Well be annoyed no more! RemaPSP is here to save the day!

RemaPSP is a program to remap the PSP controls. It also supports turbo (Rapid Fire!) and Macros.
You can remap any of your psp controls to any other. Including taking input from the remote.
It works with Devhook and has a launcher for 1.5 homebrew.

Check the included readme for install, usage, modding instructions.

I plan to release the source code later this week when I have some more time.
If any of the Devhook cheat engine coders want to add this to their system, drop me an email 🙂

Thanks to Haeal and Ayb4btu for the eboot art and to Lordsturm + Macca for their Beta testing help.


34 thoughts on “RemaPSP

  1. Danzel Post author

    Nope, what ya want it for?

    I gave a copy to the cwcheat (i think?) maker and he integrated it into his cheat program, but I haven’t done an open source release as of yet.

  2. mafia1ft

    i was going to make a app that will let you use analog stick in xmb
    you would get the credit you deserve(which would be a lot) if you previde source
    thx mafia1ft

  3. Danzel Post author

    Will throw up a copy of it tonight if I remember.
    I tryed loading the prx module before loading the XMB but it didn’t work for me, maybe I was doing something wrong.

  4. Alca

    Hello Danzel,
    I would like to let you know that while REMAPSP (integrated in cwcheat by Weltall) works perfectly fine for homebrew and isos, it is not working for PSone games (the POPS emulator).
    Enabling Remapsp in cwcheat during a PSone games totally disables controls it seems (the buttons don’t seem to do anything anymore).
    If you could take a look at this bug i’d be delighted since i look forward to using REMAPSP for those american localized games with their silly inversed controls scheme (compared to their japanese counterpart).
    Thanks a lot.


  5. Danzel Post author

    mafia1ft – lol woops, forgot.
    Its not in my SVN repository so hopefully there is a copy sitting on my desktop somewhere, will look tonight.

    Alca – no idea, don’t use it, ask Weltall.

  6. Danzel Post author

    Alca – woops, that was a bit mean.
    Drop Weltall a message, he should be able to sort it out. Probably failing to load the configs.

  7. KaXuPiN

    Hello , will be working RemaPSP for Custom Firmwares as for example 3.10 OE from Dark Alex or so.. ?

  8. Meh

    I downloaded remapsp and i put remaps on the memory root and the files in psp in games. when i launch remapsp the psp shuts down. what do i need to do?

  9. Danzel Post author

    Meh – Dunno, should do.
    Kanoz – Try it, should be able to. (Only in games of course)

  10. Danzel Post author

    Don’t know, read the readme?
    If it isn’t in there then it isn’t supported.

  11. Roman(like in gta4)

    I have one idea.
    someone can make button holder?:
    when you put button one time its works like you hold this button, second time(when you press it) it make button like you realese it.

  12. Darko

    hi is there any new release for this plugin i wanna use the note bouton our combine 2 botons but i don’t know how to do it :s
    help please

  13. crusnik

    this would rock with more then 2 macros, my bro started practicing GGXXACP and now hes hard lol.

    but with this power i can pull of the most retarded attacks with ease!

    order sol EX
    63121463214S -> P -> K -> S -> H -> D -> K -> S -> 632146H for example… but 2 macros is not enough.

    this probably isn’t the place to ask, ill see if i can bug the cwcheat guys

  14. Hiro Stellar

    hey is it possible to make so u have to press note(or something similar) and digital down to move analog down
    or push two buttons at once to make 1 button activate
    i know this is random but i just don’t understand how to
    i want it so i can play kingdom hearts birth by sleep with my busted analog stick

  15. Ansala

    excuse me..

    how to remaping Start button to L+R button, because my start button is not working.

    thank you

  16. fran

    necesito si me puedes ayudar a conseguir tu cwcheat 0.2.3 pero uno que dice by weltall c 2009 thx to danzel. i need you help plis

  17. Ryan97

    Hey mr.Danzel,can you update the CWCHEAT code for 2014? Cause sometimes when I on for some code’s it just freeze my game…. ( Thx for making the awesome cwcheat btw! ) ~ 😀 😀 😀

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