Defence Station Portable

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Fixed PSP executable
What was up?
Windows capitalises some of the folders when putting it on the PSP, this made the game bug out when loading towers and enemies.

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For my neoflash entry this time, I’ve made a fully customisable tower defence game for the psp.
It runs on the PSP, and also linux and windows to assist in creating new levels 🙂
The level creation guide is included, please make lots of levels! 😀 😀 :D.

Oh yeah, the points counter is broken, known bug. I’ll fix it tomorow >_>

Neoflash link.

Defence Station Portable Screenshot

Big thanks to:
#hamlan for support
My collegues at SmarTrak GPS Tracking for some of the audio 😉
JMC for some of the audio 😉
Surreal for the build menu graphics.
Dapples for font selection.
thefamilyman and Dapples for hosting the downloads!
Myself 😛
And obviously tyranid, gimp devs, audacity devs, inkscape devs. Awesome software guys 😀

Download:PSP, Windows, Linux
Mirror:PSP, Windows, Linux

Mac version coming soon once I get access to a mac 🙂


I’ll release the source under GPL including the SVGs I made the images from (under CC) sometime over the next week, will set up a project or something for it.

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  1. Another alex +.+

    I have the same problem, i think it might be the firmware version but i’ve recently updated and would really like to try this game 🙂

    Many thanks

  2. daniel

    can u send it to my email with a video of how to put it on plz ☺

    i realy want a copy of it

    my email is

    plz send

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