Defence Station Portable

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Fixed PSP executable
What was up?
Windows capitalises some of the folders when putting it on the PSP, this made the game bug out when loading towers and enemies.

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For my neoflash entry this time, I’ve made a fully customisable tower defence game for the psp.
It runs on the PSP, and also linux and windows to assist in creating new levels 🙂
The level creation guide is included, please make lots of levels! 😀 😀 :D.

Oh yeah, the points counter is broken, known bug. I’ll fix it tomorow >_>

Neoflash link.

Defence Station Portable Screenshot

Big thanks to:
#hamlan for support
My collegues at SmarTrak GPS Tracking for some of the audio 😉
JMC for some of the audio 😉
Surreal for the build menu graphics.
Dapples for font selection.
thefamilyman and Dapples for hosting the downloads!
Myself 😛
And obviously tyranid, gimp devs, audacity devs, inkscape devs. Awesome software guys 😀

Download:PSP, Windows, Linux
Mirror:PSP, Windows, Linux

Mac version coming soon once I get access to a mac 🙂


I’ll release the source under GPL including the SVGs I made the images from (under CC) sometime over the next week, will set up a project or something for it.

55 thoughts on “Defence Station Portable

  1. NeonLightning

    I tried it for pc sofar and its killer i love TD’s just can’t wait till the gfx get perked and a huge amount of maps come out

    btw i’ve tried opening the leveldev.doc on 2 pc and it crashes wordpad and i even downloaded jarte and it crashed that too

  2. Wolf

    hi i really like it but when i open river td on my psp and press r trigger it just crash the game and my psp shut of =S =S =S but i like the idea hope you fix the bugg soon XD ooh yeah my firmware is 3.52 m33-3 maybe it’s the firmware well bye 😉

  3. Wolf

    oooh yeah lol XD and i also see just 2 things to buy but on the pc there are more =S strange don’t you think too =S
    grtz wolf

  4. Danzel Post author

    I tracked down the bug that was preventing lots of people from playing.
    The fixed link is at the top of my blog post.
    Enjoy! 😀

    Will have a look at the document crash later.

  5. shazz

    Aaaah I’m happy to see a very good PSP homebrew !!! Congrats Danzel !

    I hope some talended graphists will create some levels and nice sprites to go with it !!! A StarCraft level may rock

    Some suggestions :
    – why not using tiles for the background and so the possibility to have bigger maps, you can try which is easy and very cool (and can produce your own format) ?
    – background music (mod, mp3…)
    – high scores
    – XML level format (some opensource C++ XML libs are available like tinyXML :

    Continue !!! That roxxx !

    Shazz (FA++, R-Gear, Trigwars, TRSi PSP demos)

  6. Paul

    icant download the updated version it keeps aborting good be me ore the site i dont know i download from other sites succsesfull

  7. borgqueenx

    i voted for the app danzel, but i hope you’l add highscores and more levels soon…and music maby…?

  8. Macca

    Hey danzel, macca here. Great work on this release, yet another program that my psp can’t go with out. That makes 3, AFKIM, Webnab and this. Keep up the quality work.

  9. shazz

    Hiya folks,

    A new version (22 of August) of the St*rCraft campaign for DSP including :
    – 6 real levels
    – 3 towers (Goliath, Photon Cannon & Dragoon)
    – 5 enemies (Zerg Drone, Zergling, Hydralisk, Defiler & Mutalisk)
    – “Save the house” mode : no miss allowed
    – Upgradable towers

    Enjoy !

    Get it there !

    Installation :
    1. unzip and copy the starcraft folder to PSP/GAME150/dsp/levels
    2. move the starcraft/gfx folder to PSP/GAME150/dsp to set the starcraft skin

  10. Shazz

    After LAN-partying, time for a little update ? 😉
    I’m hurry to see a “sourceforge” like DSP website ! 😀

    5 days left !

  11. SowA-CZ

    yo,DSP is pretty simple but original game-i really like controls and graphic.and im not sure if that is bug,but when i exit level and go to menu,then choose level-then i no more see”press R triger”and im not able to send enemy wave…sry if u already know and i write it here…and keep ur good work,i hope u will create lot of games and aplications for PSP.good luck with programming!

  12. Kapau

    I dont know if its just me, but DSP keeps freezing up my PSP (the latest version) at Wave 21 every time 🙁

  13. Danzel Post author

    I Assume you are on Custom Firmware? It’ll never work otherwise.
    It might not work on 3.9 CFW anyway, try the 1.5 addon?

  14. Danzel Post author

    Yeah I’m working on something totally different.
    There are heaps of other free PSP games around, just have a google and check out some sites.

  15. pelladir

    i really like TD, so i want it on my psp. the only problem is that i’ve the custom firmware 3.9 so when i put it in one of the 3 game folders (only works in ‘GAME’ and ‘GAME150’) it opens and it says it cant be opened. need help on this.
    who has a custom firmware where it works?

  16. Althor

    Have you made sure youre running the 1.5 kernel in the recovery menu… just double checl you are and i you are, then make sure theres nothing causing a collision.

  17. Danzel Post author

    Not currently. Might look at porting it in the future.
    I do a fair bit of Windows Mobile development at work, so I have some experience in the area…

  18. Danzel Post author

    Buy me an Android G-1 Phone and I’ll do it.
    Will require shipping it to New Zealand 😉

  19. Madpassion

    Ive put a copy of the game in both GAME and GAME150. I am running 3.71m33-3/1.50 addon, and the 1.50 kernel is activated, but whenever I try and start the game it comes up with “The game could not be started” Any ideas?

  20. Madpassion

    Hmmm… Still coming up with “The game could not be started. (80020148)”. I’ve got the dsp and dsp% folders in GAME150, with 1.50 kernel activated. Do I put the dsp% folder inside the other dsp folder?

  21. Danzel Post author

    Are you running the right menu item? It might be adding 2 items to the menu.

    You should have:

    Otherwise, I’m not sure…

  22. Madpassion

    Yea, that’s what I’ve got put in there. There’s only one item on the game menu: The Tower defence logo and the background, but as I said wont start up.
    Thanks for the help anyway, I’ll keep working on it and see if I can work it out.

  23. Zero

    Hey, any chance you released the source code to this?

    I’d like to take the graphics for Crystal Defenders and import them into this game =D

  24. Danzel Post author

    You don’t need the source code to do that.
    The levels are all customisable, you can create your own.
    Wait till the new version comes out before you start on that, the level format has changed alot.

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