CTorrentPSP – Torrent client for PSP (obv!)

ey All, Neoflash time again!
This time I’m entering a torrent client for PSP, because I thought we need one.
Turns out we don’t really need one, but it is nice to have it anyway πŸ™‚

Download CTorrentPSP Executable
Download CTorrentPSP Source

Read the README.PSP for more details and the list of bugs πŸ˜‰
Delete the resources/splash.png to get rid of the splash screen.
Let me know what you download with it! lol! πŸ™‚

Developed under M33 3.90-2, using PSPLINK (of course), run under 3.XX Kernel. 1.5 not supported (Use the code, you can make it work on 1.5 if you want it to)

296 thoughts on “CTorrentPSP – Torrent client for PSP (obv!)

  1. zercas

    is there a way to disable the rescanning of all files for the complete chunks? it’s ok for small sized files, but when you are downloading a movie torrent.. it takes a lot of time rescanning how much the torrent has already downloaded.

  2. GuZ

    I got some problems trying to compile the program. At some point it says that few function of the libSDL library are missing. Here are some examples

    /usr/local/pspdev/lib/gcc/psp/4.3.2/../../../../psp/lib/libSDL.a(SDL_pspevents.o): In function `PSP_EventQuit’:
    /home/guz/Download/psplibraries/build/SDL/src/video/psp/SDL_pspevents.c:274: undefined reference to `pspIrKeybFinish’
    /usr/local/pspdev/lib/gcc/psp/4.3.2/../../../../psp/lib/libSDL.a(SDL_pspevents.o): In function `PSP_EventInit’:

    I realize that I need another libSDL version. Do you have any idea where can i find it?


  3. Danzel Post author

    You have compiled your libSDL with irkeyboard support, you will need to add it to the LIBS= line in the makefile.

  4. BB

    Hi, great works!But it doesn’t work on my 3.71M33-4.After Connection state 3, it doesn’t do nothing with all indicators to zero. What can I do to make it works?Thanks in advance.

  5. AlexJ

    Hi Danzel,

    I find you program fantastic,
    Great job =],

    But i have a few questions,

    Is a new version going to be released in the near future ?

    Will there be extra trackers added ? (ex: Demonoid)

    Will the download speed problem be fixed ?

    I support you all the way,

    And would love to see a new version come out.


  6. Danzel Post author

    There may be a new version one day if I can be bothered.
    All trackers that don’t require advanced features should work (no https).
    Download speed would be something I would look into if I worked on another version.

    I haven’t received any donations for making this, and I don’t use it myself. So working on it isn’t exactly a priority. I’d rather spend time working on something else I enjoy.

  7. AlexJ

    Thanks for your very fast answer,
    I always thought that only torrents from the pirate bay worked,
    I would of try’d to modify the source code but i don’t understand the PSP SDK,
    Do you think it’s possible to rewrite the code in lua ?
    If so even i could maybe do it.

  8. (Not) Danzel

    If I receive 10 donations within this month, I will release ctorrent 1.2(this will solve the low down.speeds) πŸ™‚


    I think you should update this app because there are kids that only get acces to the internet with their pc ’cause theis LAN cabel got ripped in to but thank god for the PSP + neighbours + PSP cTorrent.
    too bad it keeps crashing randomly =[
    PACMAN – A desperate kid with angry parents

  10. Cody

    An update would be nice. But even if there never is one, this a great and useful application Denzel. πŸ™‚

  11. Angham

    It runs fine at a decent speed 4 about 10 minutes then turns itself off. What can i do?
    I’v turned off auto sleep in the settings.
    Running 3.90m33-3

  12. chronic358

    im lookin for file selection and to be able to set min/max up/download speed if possible

  13. Danzel Post author

    If I managed to get $50 USD total of donations for CTorrentPSP I would add those features.

  14. me

    als ik da er op heb staan en wil da openen dan geeft die een melding da ik da ni kan openen

  15. mike

    I have a question for you.

    I would like to edit the src files to limit the maximum down bitrate (it seems to only crap out when it goes above ~60-70kbps). I perused through some of the source files, and I notice that the “cfg_max_bandwidth_down” variable is in a few different source files.

    I am assuming that the only one I really need to worry about editing is the one that is in “btconfig.cpp”. Is this a correct assumption?

  16. Danzel Post author

    I would specify it on line 154 of ctorrent.cpp as part of the command line. This is where I have configured the other ctorrent settings.
    Don’t forget to increase argc πŸ˜‰

    I haven’t had a look at the source code for a long time, so no promises!

  17. mike

    Thanks Danzel.

    Just to let everyone know, the change I made is as follows:

    int main(/*int argc, char **argv*/)
    int argc = 9;
    char* argv_static[] = { "ctorrent.prx", "-M", "20", "-m", "1", "-D", "55", "-v" };

    This change should be made on lines 151-154

    This change should (theoretically) set your maximum download speed to 55 KB/s. I haven’t tested it out yet, but it should work.

    My reasoning for doing this is that the program seems to break the network stack if it exceeds ~60-70 KB/s, and then you need to quit and restart the program. I’m hoping that by limiting the download speed to 55KB/s or lower, we can work around this problem.

  18. mike

    Ok everyone be advised that the code I just posted produces warnings (not errors, but warnings) when compiled… I’m not really sure why.

    If I just compile the code as it was originally made by Danzel, I get no warnings, but as soon as I add those two arguments (“-D”, “55”) I get warnings on all 8 arguments…

    Then if I remove the two arguments I added so that it is reverted back to the original (working) code again, it still gives me warnings on all 6 remaining arguments… strange right?

    I don’t understand how the same exact code can give 0 warnings under one compilation, and then 6 under another compilation… strange.

    It’s confusing me. I’m just going to ignore the warnings for now and when I get home today I will test out the code on my PSP.

    If anyone is interested, the warning is as follows:

    1>ctorrent.cpp (154) : warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*'

    I find it very odd that adding my two arguments causes all 6 of the previously working arguments to get warnings….

  19. mike

    Well, I think it’s safe to disregard the warning messages. It seems that it only gives me the warnings if I edit “ctorrent.cpp” before compiling. If I save the project, close it completely, open it back up, and compile, I get no warnings…

    It apparently has to do with g++ 4.2.3 wanting “const char” instead of “char”… I don’t really care much to be honest with you since this isn’t a vitally important app for me… If it works it works, if not, oh well. I don’t think it’ll cause any problems, however.

  20. mike


    After adding the new command line in to limit that download speed to 55 K/s and recompiling, everything worked fine. It did still break the network stack one time last night when the download was pinned at 55 and upload hit about 40. I guess the total bandwidth needs to be limited. I added another command line today to limit the upload bandwidth as well, and also reduced max peers to 16 (I figure most multiplayer games max out at about 16 players so 16 total peers should work). I will test again tonight on a large file and keep you updated.

    As of right now, the settings are as follows:
    Max download bandwidth : 50 K/s
    Max upload bandwidth: 20 K/s
    Max peers: 16

    I will update again after doing some testing =)

  21. AlexJ


    Can you go over 50 k/s and it won’t crash ?

    If it dosen’t well done ! and please upload soon.

  22. tym

    why every time it says instruction on how to put the dam ctorrent on the psp all i get is people saying thank this is bullshit can any one please explain to me how do i put the torrent on the psp what file goes where delete what please you can send it to me at my web site @ king_tym@yahoo.com i will really appreciate it

  23. PACMAN

    mike, could you please upload your edited version and post the link here for everyone that doesnt know how to program?
    Would be really nice :>

    you can also mail me if you want to: nils_bunger@hotmail.com

    Nom nom

  24. aki21

    hhm is it possible to read torrents from other folder location? let say /psp/common which is most dl files goes here.. and command to adjust speed… L/R thing?

    i also want to modify it.. but dont know where to start…

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