Installing RetroArch on your iOS device as a developer without building from scratch

Grab the .deb file from their cydia repo

Extract it with “ar xv something.deb” (I had to use a linux machine for this)

Create an Entitlements.plist like on here:
(The example is missing )
Replacing the application-identifier with one compatible with your signing cert.

Save the following as r.b64 (This file gets created automatically if you build the project)


Convert it into ResourceRules.plist with:

cat r.b64 | openssl base64 -d >

Run roughly these commands:

$CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY – Your signing name, check “Keychain Access”

$PROVISION – a copy of your provisioning profile file

 codesign -fs "$CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY"*.dylib
 cp ResourceRules.plist
 codesign -f -s "$CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY" --resource-rules --entitlements Entitlements.plist
 xcrun -sdk iphoneos PackageApplication "" -o "RetroArch.ipa" --sign '$CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY' --embed ""

Install the IPA 😀