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Defence Station Portable

Voting is up!

Fixed PSP executable
What was up?
Windows capitalises some of the folders when putting it on the PSP, this made the game bug out when loading towers and enemies.

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For my neoflash entry this time, I’ve made a fully customisable tower defence game for the psp.
It runs on the PSP, and also linux and windows to assist in creating new levels 🙂
The level creation guide is included, please make lots of levels! 😀 😀 :D.

Oh yeah, the points counter is broken, known bug. I’ll fix it tomorow >_>

Neoflash link.

Defence Station Portable Screenshot

Big thanks to:
#hamlan for support
My collegues at SmarTrak GPS Tracking for some of the audio 😉
JMC for some of the audio 😉
Surreal for the build menu graphics.
Dapples for font selection.
thefamilyman and Dapples for hosting the downloads!
Myself 😛
And obviously tyranid, gimp devs, audacity devs, inkscape devs. Awesome software guys 😀

Download:PSP, Windows, Linux
Mirror:PSP, Windows, Linux

Mac version coming soon once I get access to a mac 🙂


I’ll release the source under GPL including the SVGs I made the images from (under CC) sometime over the next week, will set up a project or something for it.


For my entry in the NEO Spring Compo 2007 I have given AFKIM the attention it deserved to make it a much more usable application.

[Edit] Voting is over a while ago, I won 🙂

AFKIM is an (almost) universal messenger client for PSP (Supports: AIM, ICQ, MSN, GTalk, Yahoo!)

Download links
Experimental OE version, tested in game310 folder with OE 3.10′, seems to not work in 3.03
1.5 Version, tested in game150 folder on OE 3.10′
The OE Version works with WPA connections, you must use automatic network configuration however (DHCP)

EDIT: The OE version seems to work for most people on 3.03 OE-C

I’ve also made some guides to hopefully help new people get started with AFKIM.
Even if you’ve used it before, it would be worth giving the How To Use guide a quick read over.
Getting Started Guide
Quick How To Use AFKIM Guide

[Edit] Danzeff documentation available here

The changelog for AFKIM3 is as follows:

Much better, more usable program.
Works in OE kernel, DHCP ONLY CURRENTLY, not sure why static IP address doesn’t work.
Faster display rendering (Keyboard lags less)
Better wifi handling – User can rechoose which to connect to if connecting fails.
Better menu system, lots more menu items.
– Away / Back
– Remove Account
– Reconnect to Wifi (No more quitting AFKIM to reconnect! yay)
– Get Buddy Details
– Rename Buddy
– Block/Unblock Buddy
– Delete Buddy
Fixes related to pressing buttons, menus now continue scrolling if you hold up or down.
Better connection handling.
Many many code cleanups
Fix memory leaks (introduce a new known one 🙁 )

–2 and a bit
Quit option.
Ability to use start as well as X to go buddy select -> chat.
FIX: Editting text box with space messes up display.
FIX: Account details don’t save sometimes.

When the Neoflash vote starts, I’ll be depending on you to vote for me, so don’t go too far away 😛
And when the competition finishes I will release a splash free version.

And if you are feeling generous, feel free to paypal me to show your thanks 🙂