Bug fix version (1b) released, check the subsite for the download.

The last 2 weeks have been exceedingly busy for myself. I’ve been working on a secret project, which I now get to reveal!!!

AFKIM – Away From Keyboard Instant Messenger (for psp of course)
Its an Instant messenger client for (almost) all the major protocols (AIM, ICQ, MSN, GTalk, Yahoo!)
It is powered by the public bitlbee servers (thanks for these! Don’t email the bitlbee people with questions about AFKIM!)

Go to its subsite here for the download link!

I’ve thrown up a paypal account if you are feeling generous 🙂

26 thoughts on “OMG SUPRISE IM (UPDATE again…)

  1. imax

    wow, everything works. well done. is it possible to enhance text input with t9 like on mobilephones? that would rock. keep up the good work

  2. Diurn

    good work again, webnab is a very nice app, and this as well, despite a few bugs, but this is an early version 🙂 hoping to see even more improvements to make this one of the best homebrew progs hihi

  3. COOL

    WOW, i have been waiting for a good aim app for ever! now i can go on aim at school, cuz i just copied the WEP key for the routers and now i can go on aim while at school. thx, cant wait till you put on an OSK or a diffrent keyboadr, cuz i dont like PSPrint that much

  4. muju

    that so great program but i have problem with number and @@@ how to work? can anyone help me please?

  5. Curtis

    I love this, and yes you deserve something for your effort. Just one issue and that I can’t change the keyboard to numbers function, even though I followed the improvised faq for the keyboard.
    Othewise, absolutely wonderful. Keep up the good work and don’t let the Sony Secret Police get to you. 😀

  6. Curtis

    Okay, now I feel stupid. The faq said to hold left, I was thinking it was the left button at the top, not the direction button. Now it’s absolutely a wonderful piece of work that you’ve done.

  7. Danzel Post author

    Glad you figured that out Curtis.

    Bleu – Unfortunately as far as I know the skype protocol is heavily encrypted and not understood by anyone outside of skype (I may be wrong here)
    As such I can’t add it 🙁

    billy sype – Extract the afkim and afkim% folders on your psp in the psp/game/ folder (you will need a usb cable to plug into the psp), you should then be able to run it from the memory stick menu (Assuming you have a version 1.5 psp)

  8. Kevin

    Hey, first thing thanks for creating a great program. I however seem to be running into a problem. I connect to the wireless network, bitlbee and everything. When I add my AIM account after I enter the username and password, it goes back to the AFKIM screen and my buddies seem to load for a split second then I get a BSOD.. the psp hasn’t frozen though as I can still press “home” and exit the program. Any idea what’s going on? If you want further details send an email. Thanks.

  9. Kevin

    Okay never mind, I just read the “There is a known crash if you have too many buddies on your list, it will be fixed later today.”

    I will be greatly looking forward to that fix. 🙂

  10. muju

    Hey guys does anyone work msn or yahoo or gtalk??? i trying to fix msn or yahoo or gtalk is not working for me but only work Aim so far pz

  11. logik

    The keyboard is a bit cumbersome. I came up with a Lua script prototype of a circlular text interface that was worked pretty fast. All 26 letters are arranged in a circle and you selected them with the analog nub. Then L or R can act as modifiers to display numbers or symbols instead. It allowed me to enter text pretty quick. Just an idea. If you combine that with a cellphone-like word completion, then you’re gold.

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