It is finally released, days or hours late, as per usual.

Changelog stuff:
New Graphics, complete new style :)
New keyboard (danzeff, see danzeff.txt for usage information)
You can rename contacts.
Less crashes! (maybe! lol)
Works on the new eloader!
Contact list scrolls automatically.
New msg popup.
When logging into wifi/bitlbee there is more feedback

READ THE README BEFORE INSTALLING! 🙂 (It’ll answer most of your questions)
Also, read the FAQ / TODO list here

psp 1.00 and 2.00+ version
psp 1.5 version


Enjoy 🙂

And while we’re at it, here is a fixed webnab for 2.00+, you can quit by pressing the select button (L+R+Start makes it crash)
get it here

I’ve got a paypal account up if you want to show your appreciation in the form of dollar signs 🙂

87 thoughts on “AFKIM 2

  1. Diurn

    u roxes danzel, keep up the good work, i’m going to test this now ( i didn’t mind the previous keyboard, effort required to adapt… i’ll see how this new one is )

  2. jerik

    hey..i downloaded your messenger doesnt firmware is version 2.60…and it says “cannot open file data is corrupted”…

  3. brakken

    Hey – Great work! I’ll use it when I’m on the crapper 🙂 Anyway, I see you have some strange hosting. If you’d like a free subdomain on with enough bandwidth to keep you happy drop me a line. Peace out!

  4. Danzel Post author

    Diurn – You can turn the old keyboard back on if you want, check the readme.

    kyle – You need to use the gta eloader to run this on 2.6.
    You need the GTA game and the eloader from
    Read the readme included.

    brakken – Last release I did 2 gig a day for a week after releasing it, so I decided to get some mates to host it this time just incase.
    It seems that everything has gone fine though 🙂


    Can you do the POLISH instant messaging called Gadu-Gadu ?? I can help you, because there is no POLISH Homebres Aplications! Please… I can help with Translate Polish! Send Answer at My EMAIL

  6. Lesta

    Hey, first off, great job with the program. I love it, and am looking forward to future releases =)

    A suggestion though, not really THAT important, but could perhaps be more practical; to change the Danzeff keyboard layout or maybe add another keyboard to it, that operates the same way, but change around the keys. With the most used characters being in the center, second most used ones immediately adjacent and have the least used ones in the corner. In my opinion it’s more practical to create it that way =)

    Keep up the good work ^^

  7. brandon

    Hey I like the program you created but i dont know how to install things, i am what you may call a noobie because i just got my psp a few days ago. Id like to put this on, can you help? Anyone that can email me at

  8. Danzel Post author

    Can you do the POLISH instant messaging called Gadu-Gadu
    No, I cannot add support for additional IM protocols, go talk to the bitlbee people if you want that ( )

    @Lesta – create a new design and I’ll consider it, We toyed with that idea before, but found it a bad idea (too steep learning curve, seems its better to put common letters on the outside, the center already has delete and space)

    @brandon – Go read this:
    That’ll get you started.

  9. Kevin

    When i try to sign into/create new bitlbee account after i put in the user name and password, it says Resolving.. and that’s it. Any ideas?

  10. Brainiac

    Great app Danzel. Although I’m having a little problem with BitlBee right now, lol. I keep getting “Error sending data”.

    I’m looking forward for more options. A button “logoff” would be very nice 😛

  11. l00py

    same problem as kevin. im using an automatic config on my connection. i can also browse the web with no problems. i’ve also tried to run the app from fresh restart but im still having the same problem.

  12. Lumba

    Danzel, great work mate! Just getting the hang of the program still and the new way to type…very ingenuitive tho!
    1. what is the command to sign off of aim? (drop? this sounds to me like it might delete my account from afkim…?)
    2. what is the AIM away-state command? (ie: “/away brb” – this doesn’t work for aim. console says “unknown command” and i’ve tried all variations)


  13. Danzel Post author

    Kevin – If you are on 2.6 then change your network connection to use DHCP (get network settings automatically).
    Also, make sure that your internet connection works in other homebrew.

    Brainiac – logoff is planned, “Error sending data” most likely means you have lost your wifi connection or the connection to the server.

    l00py – no idea then…

    Lumba – say “account off” to the server window to sign out of all accounts, or “account list”, “account off X” to sign out of account X.
    You can’t set away modes currently, planned for the future.

  14. Cdawgg

    Hey, this works on eloader but…when i get to the select connections list and select my connection, it says:

    connection state D of 4

    can sombody help please??

  15. Danzel Post author

    Does it really say “D of 4” ?
    I didn’t think it could possibly do that 😮
    I’ll have a look at it later tonight, not sure what is going on there.
    What psp version?

  16. Danzel Post author

    It does work on 2.00+, I know many people that use it.
    I have had another report of it saying “D of 4” (which it shouldn’t be able to)
    What wireless encryption were you using and were you getting your network settings automatically or manually?

  17. Chadwick359

    I can second reports of the “D of 4” of issue, on firmware version 2.6, with both WEP and unsecured nets. I’m resetting my router for WPA right now to see if it likes that better.

    And for the record, your comment system doesn’t seem to like the Opera 9 Beta very much.

  18. aj

    I cannot start wifi in any homebrew web app (pspradio, afkim, and webnab). I’m using 2Wire homeportal for my wireless internet. Its using WEP connect at 64bit. My local ip address is DHCP is enabled.

  19. TheHammster

    any chance of having a working version for the v2.70?

    and if it does work
    how do i prevent me psp from coming up with the corrupt data message?

  20. aj

    right know 2.70 doesn’t have any way to exploit and run homebrew. So best thing you can is wait. Don’t upgrade if you love homebrew.

  21. frank

    i dropped my bitlbee account and now it wont let me on or create a new account how do i get back on

  22. jeremy

    great job! a couple of suggestions

    1. support bitlbee servers that require a password to connect

    2. a battery meter so we have an idea how much battery is left

    3. auto complete on common commands or a list of commands to choose from to save from typing over


  23. Danzel Post author

    @frank – try a different username or re-enter your details in the bitlbee.cfg (read the readme)

    @jeremy – press home to see battery usage, will get in support for single user bitlbee servers in the future.
    Not sure on the keyboard stuff, its under consideration.

  24. ShadowBadtz

    same prob as kevin, it gets to “identifying” after i enter in a name and password to set up the bitlbee account, then just hangs there….

    I am running 2.6 firmware, and have tried both the superbock loader and the newer release with the new menu… and still no luck….

    any ideas??

  25. help

    help please i login afkim with my aim account , now i try login into it , and it hangs there at verifying username and password . it was working the night b4 i got it to login but i shut off my account and it doesnt let me login anymore . anyone know the problem ?

  26. maxcak

    hey i just installed your afkim2 on my pspv1.5 and after i input the username and password the screen the app freezes up on the resolving screen… any suggestions on how to fix this?

  27. Naemion

    When I installed afkim 2 on my PSP for the first time, it worked perfectly. But when I try and exit/shut off my PSP and restart it, when I go to load afkim 2 it just goes to a blank black screen for a while, then shuts down the PSP.

    Any ideas?

  28. Naemion


    I have found that if I start my PSP with the usb cable plugged into my computer, open the usb connection, exit and then try and open it, it will work again. But I have to do all of that to get it to load again.

    Any ideas?

  29. guester

    Danzel, great work, i love your program! I was thinking if you can make more themes for it?

  30. cR

    Great work, I like it to be able to “chat” with the PSP and my ICQ account.

    One question: Im so used to the orig. PSP keyboard, and the readme says to edit the afkim.cfg file to change the keyboard. So I wrote “psprint” to the first line (replacing the “danzeff”) and tried it. But in AFKIM, I can’t see the orig. PSP keyboard, wenn I press the buttons, some characters appear but I can’t figure out how to use it. Shouldnt the orig. PSP keyboard grafic appear when I try to write something?

    Thanks for your help!

    (I’m using the AFKIM version vor PSP FW 1.5).

  31. Tyler

    How come on Yahoo, MSN, AIM i cannot see Mobile devices? thats what i mainly got the program for was to be able to text my buddies because i dont have texting. Any ideas? e-mail me if you like

  32. Daniel

    you honestly saved my relation ship with my girl
    cuz im able to use AIM on my PSP and it bought me closer

    Thanks Danzel…you saved my life
    ill donate when i get a credit card.

  33. Alex

    It would be nice if you could update it to run on 2.71 with the eloader, and when the PSP keyboard comes out you should support that too.

  34. rich

    i choose my connection,
    push X,
    connection state 2 of 4
    connection state 3 of 4
    connection state 4 of 4
    resolving…then it stucks

    whats strange in the few first times it worked without problem, i use 1.5 and i tested my wifi connection, which is at 100% strenght…
    someone some idea what could be wrong?


  35. Einstein

    Serious useability problems with this software:

    1. NO ENTER KEY. I’m serious… this is a MAJOR PROBLEM. In P_sprint Enter is suppose to be mapped to the START button, but this is not displayed anywhere, and is not intuitive. Seriously, P_sprint itself could use some basic instructions on it, like how to make it go away, how switch case sets with the shoulder buttons, etc.

    2. Further, in AFKIM, even if you do know this, pressing Start when entering your user name and password in AFKIM will only move you back and forth between the text entery fields, it will not go and log you in. I can enter my username and password until I’m blue in the face, but there is no button to say “LOGIN”. Add a LOGIN button or a line “PRESS ____ to LOGIN”

    3. No basic instructions at all on the screen to bring up the menu to add accounts. Only by stumbling across some screen snapshots did I even know there was a menu, brought up by pressing the SELECT button. Too often you guys put all this effort into making pretty interface screens, without having the most basic of instructions on the screen as to what to do next. I ran into this problem big time with PSP, until I figured out START also brought up a config menu. A simple tiny note anywhere on the screen would solve all this hell for new users “Press SELECT FOR MENU”.

  36. Danzel Post author

    (I certainly hope you are using afkim2 as linked in this post)

    1 – Danzeff is the default keyboard for a reason, I didn’t include p_sprint docs as it is just in there for people that want to use that keyboard. If you don’t know how to use it then don’t!

    There are step by step instructions for getting started and adding your first account.

    3 – See answer to question 2.
    Also, I didn’t make any of the graphics, so uh yeah, you obviously didn’t read the readme.

    You obvious aren’t Einstein, if he was still around today he would know to read the readme.

  37. Walter

    Hi. This is excellent, and it works (almost) fine, but how come when I log in it doesn’t bring my entire contact list? For example yahoo, it will show some users, some shown as connected, others not, but it’s not the whole list… what’s wrong?

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