For my entry in the NEO Spring Compo 2007 I have given AFKIM the attention it deserved to make it a much more usable application.

[Edit] Voting is over a while ago, I won πŸ™‚

AFKIM is an (almost) universal messenger client for PSP (Supports: AIM, ICQ, MSN, GTalk, Yahoo!)

Download links
Experimental OE version, tested in game310 folder with OE 3.10′, seems to not work in 3.03
1.5 Version, tested in game150 folder on OE 3.10′
The OE Version works with WPA connections, you must use automatic network configuration however (DHCP)

EDIT: The OE version seems to work for most people on 3.03 OE-C

I’ve also made some guides to hopefully help new people get started with AFKIM.
Even if you’ve used it before, it would be worth giving the How To Use guide a quick read over.
Getting Started Guide
Quick How To Use AFKIM Guide

[Edit] Danzeff documentation available here

The changelog for AFKIM3 is as follows:

Much better, more usable program.
Works in OE kernel, DHCP ONLY CURRENTLY, not sure why static IP address doesn’t work.
Faster display rendering (Keyboard lags less)
Better wifi handling – User can rechoose which to connect to if connecting fails.
Better menu system, lots more menu items.
– Away / Back
– Remove Account
– Reconnect to Wifi (No more quitting AFKIM to reconnect! yay)
– Get Buddy Details
– Rename Buddy
– Block/Unblock Buddy
– Delete Buddy
Fixes related to pressing buttons, menus now continue scrolling if you hold up or down.
Better connection handling.
Many many code cleanups
Fix memory leaks (introduce a new known one πŸ™ )

–2 and a bit
Quit option.
Ability to use start as well as X to go buddy select -> chat.
FIX: Editting text box with space messes up display.
FIX: Account details don’t save sometimes.

When the Neoflash vote starts, I’ll be depending on you to vote for me, so don’t go too far away πŸ˜›
And when the competition finishes I will release a splash free version.

And if you are feeling generous, feel free to paypal me to show your thanks πŸ™‚

228 thoughts on “AFKIM 3

  1. usedlikeyou

    Got it working now. Ok only thing so far i’d want to change is the amount of text input. I only seem to be able to input 1 line? i know msn will let me go further. Thanks!!! is great so far.

  2. XT

    I recently upgraded to custom firmware 3.90 M33-3.
    My IRsheel no longer worked, so I went to see if the other programs did. Afkim loads up fine and connects fine and everything. Then it says, Resolving… connecting, and then gives me the message “Connection error”.

    My psp just freezes there and then will “crash” (as in making a tiny popping sound and just turn off).

    Is this happening to anyone else? I’m wondering if it has something to do with the firmware compatibility issue, as nothing like this happened until i upgraded today.

  3. Jeremie

    I’ve got the same probleme :
    Resolving… connecting, and then gives me the message β€œConnection error”.

    I’ve done nothing wrong, and since yesterday, this error.

  4. fez


    i still cant change my nick.. well… i tried the “help nick” command..and i still cant figure it really unsure..

  5. Danzel Post author

    Oh woops, its not in the menu! Here is a guide:
    Go to the server chat window.
    Say “account list”, it will list your accounts with numbers, remember the number of the account you want to rename.
    Now say: nick X “my new nickname” (where X is the number of the account.)
    And you should be renamed πŸ™‚

  6. leolca

    it works fine… but I can’t get my IR keyboard to work along… what should I do? when I type I get no text at all…

  7. -ViKTiM-

    Just wondering, does the “join” command help while trying to talk to a group of people in one conversation on MSN?

    People say when they invite me, I’m in the conversation but I don’t say anything.


  8. Juneau

    I just recently found your afkim 3.3.3, will this work on cfw 3.90 m33-3? and im kinda new to this kind of things. and how can i install this? the read me says nothing about installing.


  9. Danzel Post author

    ViKTiM – Group chat is not supported in afkim, you will get into a group convo but you can’t see it or talk in it.
    Juneau – Do what it suggests and try a different username.

  10. -ViKTiM-

    Ahh, thanks anyway =D. Know any alternatives? I just love the analog stick/button keyboard thing.

    Im surprised theyres no direct MSN on PSP ie not through irc.

    btw typed this on psp took ages to get to the bottom and ages to type.

    Maybe most recent comments first?

    Ive complained too much.


  11. Danzel Post author

    Um, there is some web page ones that work on the PSP, not sure if they support group mode though.

  12. -ViKTiM-

    =/ default psp keyboard? no ty =P

    Isthere a way touse the afkim keyboard thing with other stuff? maybe as a .prx plugin?

    just ideas,

  13. Danzel Post author

    Hahaha, true.
    If you have an IR keyboard you can use pikey I think.
    Otherwise you are stuffed.

  14. Thomas

    Danzel, i like the idea of your program but i dont quite understand how to get it to work, something about “nick” being registered comes up after i connect to internet and try to make an account, how do set up accounts exactly…do i use my aim and how would i do that, or is it a seperate account? can you get rid of the nick problem?

  15. christopher

    Afkim wouldnt work if the psp is put on with a static IP address, gives a connection error and the psp shuts down by itself, if the psp is assigned DHCP (configured to obtain an IP address on it’s own while dialing onto the wireless router), it does connect without any problems. I’ve checked it, it works everytime with DHCP and not if with a static IP address.

  16. Riksun

    i’m stuck on identifying.. πŸ™ and pspcc are’t working, too. AND psptube aren’t working -.- is there a problem in my psp or what? sry my bad eng. i’m from finland πŸ˜€

  17. Misanthropy

    Absolutely brilliant. I have had it for a while and I just started using it. I really enjoy iy. It has been very useful since my laptop broke.
    Thanks for releasing it. πŸ˜€

  18. Hivuram

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