For my entry in the NEO Spring Compo 2007 I have given AFKIM the attention it deserved to make it a much more usable application.

[Edit] Voting is over a while ago, I won πŸ™‚

AFKIM is an (almost) universal messenger client for PSP (Supports: AIM, ICQ, MSN, GTalk, Yahoo!)

Download links
Experimental OE version, tested in game310 folder with OE 3.10′, seems to not work in 3.03
1.5 Version, tested in game150 folder on OE 3.10′
The OE Version works with WPA connections, you must use automatic network configuration however (DHCP)

EDIT: The OE version seems to work for most people on 3.03 OE-C

I’ve also made some guides to hopefully help new people get started with AFKIM.
Even if you’ve used it before, it would be worth giving the How To Use guide a quick read over.
Getting Started Guide
Quick How To Use AFKIM Guide

[Edit] Danzeff documentation available here

The changelog for AFKIM3 is as follows:

Much better, more usable program.
Works in OE kernel, DHCP ONLY CURRENTLY, not sure why static IP address doesn’t work.
Faster display rendering (Keyboard lags less)
Better wifi handling – User can rechoose which to connect to if connecting fails.
Better menu system, lots more menu items.
– Away / Back
– Remove Account
– Reconnect to Wifi (No more quitting AFKIM to reconnect! yay)
– Get Buddy Details
– Rename Buddy
– Block/Unblock Buddy
– Delete Buddy
Fixes related to pressing buttons, menus now continue scrolling if you hold up or down.
Better connection handling.
Many many code cleanups
Fix memory leaks (introduce a new known one πŸ™ )

–2 and a bit
Quit option.
Ability to use start as well as X to go buddy select -> chat.
FIX: Editting text box with space messes up display.
FIX: Account details don’t save sometimes.

When the Neoflash vote starts, I’ll be depending on you to vote for me, so don’t go too far away πŸ˜›
And when the competition finishes I will release a splash free version.

And if you are feeling generous, feel free to paypal me to show your thanks πŸ™‚

228 thoughts on “AFKIM 3

  1. Miracleman

    Hey OMG this is such a great program! i’ve been using this ever since the first one came out! i just have one question, i have 2 accounts added. (MSN and AIM) and i just need to know how do i use both of them at the same time? like how would i see my MSN buddy list instead of my AIM buddy list?

  2. Danzel Post author

    If you added them both to the same bitlbee account then both contact lists will be visible at the same time.

  3. orthonovum

    I have just read thru alllll the comments it seems I have a unique problem that nobody else has..

    I can load up the app, setup an account, and log in. only one time (the first time)

    After I close the app everytime i try to open it after the first time, its just a black screen, the psp does not lock up its just a black screen, i can press Home and go back to the XMB

    I am running 3.52 M33

  4. orthonovum

    bummer, so far 3.52 M33 has been 100% perfect for me with homebrews and “other” stuff, i guess this means its really 99.9% perfect now πŸ™‚

  5. megamoix

    Thanks for all your great works!
    I’ve a question / a challenge for you!
    Is it planned to add SIP under your software or is there a SIP homebrew development planned somewhere?

  6. Danzel Post author

    I’m not planning to add it as I have zero use for it.
    I’m fairly certain that someone else will make a SIP client at some stage.


    I,M currently running 3.52 13:33

    I am having a problem with adding buddies…. is says added to contact lise ….ect and my buddy still doesnt appear on my side screen even when i reconnect is shows only one buddy, is there another way to add buddies from psp……
    Befor i added the mp3 plugin i seen buddies on and off-line

  8. Danzel Post author

    Try remove the mp3 plugin and see if that fixes it.
    If it does then… dunno.
    If it doesn’t then… dunno.

  9. chriz

    can you help please i know thiz sounds stupid but where to do i put my afkim like in what folder and do i need a homebrew for afkim? please help!!!!1

  10. Danzel Post author

    You are right, that does sound stupid.
    Thought about reading the “Getting Started Guide” ?

  11. chriz

    yeah but i don’t get it though i don’t have a ms_root i have a mp_root and i don’t know where to transfer my file like in the user guide it says

    Copy AFKIM onto your memory stick like with any PSP Homebrew

    But I don’t have a psp homebrew do I need one?

  12. chriz

    ok i did that i downloaded it and pastes the psp folder into my MP_ROOT ok now i have to load lumnies but i don’t have that

  13. chriz

    alright now i just downloaded the 3.50 file but where to i place the file to update my psp i have the version 3.30 but i need to update it to 3.50

  14. chriz

    do u have an aim sn if u do can i have it and can u explain wut i have to do step by step pleaseee hellp i want this badly im about to go to cancun for the week and i want the aim please!!!!

  15. Ben

    Hey man this is an awesome homebrew. Just wondering if your still updating? I wish I would have caught it back when it was first released but I appear to be having trouble with it.

    Just wondering if your trying to keep it up to date cause it appears to be a great program.

  16. Danzel Post author

    It doesn’t need any updates that I’m aware of.
    Have you found something that doesn’t work?

  17. Danzel Post author

    What do you mean?
    I don’t think AFKIM actually lets you set an away message.
    If you want to set one, try saying:
    “/away away MESSAGE HERE”
    to come back

  18. therealnewbe

    I seem to be having troubles loading AFKIM from 3.90 M33-2 on my slim PSP (It worked fine on 3.80 M33-5). I’ve tried in IRShell, from the XMB and using eLoader. All I’ve encountered is error messages. I can’t try loading it in the 1.5 kernel, and my pandora is mia at the moment, so TimeMachine is out of the question as well… Any help would be appreciated as this was my favorite chat program for the PSP.

    Also, will the splash screen ever be replaced for the newest version? Spring ’07 was a while back now…

  19. Danzel Post author

    What version are you using?
    I would think the OE one would work.

    I will try have a look at updating this soon, at least to make it work in 3.90.

  20. therealnewbe

    I’ve re-installed the OE version and it seems to be working (didn’t do any testing, but the program loaded and found my network). Was using the 1.50 version through eLoader until now and that worked just fine. Just glad to have it up and running again.

    Would be nice to change up that splash screen though *wink wink*

  21. Marc

    somethings wrong wit my afkim.. when i try to connect.. it goes to connected. identifying.. then it just stops like that

  22. Danzel Post author

    uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm, weird.
    I assume it did work at some stage?
    bitlbee servers might be down?

  23. stann

    Hey, I’ve got some problem as Marc. Today or yesterday it first appeared.. Yay! What to do?

  24. Jeff

    ive been havin a problem running afkim with 3.80 m33, when i try to create the bitlebee account it just says

    resolved, connecting
    connected, identifying

    then it stops.. nothing ever happened so i just went back to the home screen

    any way to fix this?

  25. Danzel Post author

    Yes afkim is currently broken due to a bitlbee update.
    I’ll look into fixing it over the weekend.

  26. Marc

    good luck dude.. we owe u a lot for making this program happen.. πŸ˜€ i love using AFKIM..

  27. stann

    Yes, seems the bug by bitlbee update is now fixed!
    But I’ve question: I have forgotten password. In which file of AFKIM are saved informations about my ICQ acount? I could copy this file to this new version of AFIKIM, couldn’t I?

  28. Danzel Post author

    There is a text file in the afkim folder called “bitlbee.cfg” or “afkim.cfg” I think, open it in notepad and you’ll see.

  29. stann

    Ok thanks, but it the problem with bitlbee upgrade is not solved yet. I mistook. It seems that ZX81 solved another problem (with ‘resolving’ screen)..

  30. usedlikeyou

    Hey, i’ve tried most things i know to fix this but cant figure it out. I’m using 3.90 m33-3 on a phat psp. When using the cfw3x version in either folders GAME or GAME380 it won’t get past “Connection stage 2 of 4” and will just sit there forever. If i use the 1.5fw ver in folder GAME150 it will connect through all the stages but doesnt seam to have IR Keyboard support?? I’d much prefer to be running the cfw3x version. Please help, i pretty much got my IR keyboard for this program alone. thanks.

  31. Danzel Post author

    Does the wifi light come on at all?
    Have you tried re-setting up your wifi connection? Sounds like a bad wifi setup.

  32. GotikO

    yo!!! i luv ur application.. but i’m having the same problem everybody has…. when the program is in the “identifying” step freezes.. i’m runny 3.90 M33-3 and the lastest version of ur application V3.3.3… i think i did everything possible and nothing happened :S any help?

  33. usedlikeyou

    @Danzel – Yeh mate light comes on and all other applications seem to have no problem with connecting to the network. PSPIRC with IR keyboard support works fine but this still doesnt. I’ve tried different verions and everything but it wont seam to go. Thanks Danzel.

  34. GotikO

    i forgot to mention.. i’ve done that already :S nothing happened… just to be sure i deleted everything related to AFKIM.. and i copy all the stuff again to the psp then i changed server name to the ip number bla bla… same happen :S NOTHING

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