It is finally released, days or hours late, as per usual.

Changelog stuff:
New Graphics, complete new style :)
New keyboard (danzeff, see danzeff.txt for usage information)
You can rename contacts.
Less crashes! (maybe! lol)
Works on the new eloader!
Contact list scrolls automatically.
New msg popup.
When logging into wifi/bitlbee there is more feedback

READ THE README BEFORE INSTALLING! 🙂 (It’ll answer most of your questions)
Also, read the FAQ / TODO list here

psp 1.00 and 2.00+ version
psp 1.5 version


Enjoy 🙂

And while we’re at it, here is a fixed webnab for 2.00+, you can quit by pressing the select button (L+R+Start makes it crash)
get it here

I’ve got a paypal account up if you want to show your appreciation in the form of dollar signs 🙂

87 thoughts on “AFKIM 2

  1. Danzel Post author

    Um, not sure.
    Try scroll down the contact list? if you tab over to it you can scroll it when you get to the edges.

    Maybe all your contacts aren’t stored on the yahoo server list? try delete and re-add them on a pc?

    Other than that, no idea.

  2. Walter

    Ok, I’ll try it out again. I’m pretty sure I scrolled down only to get the server window again but I’ll recheck. BTW, contact lists are not stored locally for quite some time now. thanx!!

  3. Håkon

    Thanks for this program, I look forward to finally using it 🙂

    As many other have experieced, my afkim is stuck on resolving, which is a bit stressing. I can’t understand why…

    I have 3.02 OE-B
    – WiFi works with other homebrew
    – WiFi connection is strong

    Please help locating the problem, it would be very much appreciated!

  4. leandrocp

    Hello danzel…….I trying make some traslations to portuguese of afkim……but i need your colaboration to make this……i will share with all brazilians , credits ist all for u and after i make the traslation i give to u a tralated version
    Thanks say all psp users of brazil

    man you make a great work

  5. Danzel Post author

    Reply to Håkon sent via email, in short:
    What other wifi homebrew works with 3.02 OE-B?

    Reply to leandrocp is in the CHIP8 post and also emailed.

  6. Jason

    I have te same problem as Håkon. AFKIM get stuck when resolving. However, my Wifi works great with other hombrew software. Thanks.

  7. Danzel Post author

    Håkons result was:

    It works fine now, it seems that if I use a really simple username and password it works smoothly, somehow 🙂
    Great app, man. Thanks very much 🙂

  8. ybakker

    I think this input method rocks. But i was just wondering? How about making each of the 9 squares have the same letters as on a mobile? And then include that predictive T9 input method?

    The input would be simple. Just select a square with the analog stick, and ‘select’ the square with the X button. And the predicted words available would be selected with the up/down d-pad and Circle. Cursor movement would be d-pad left/right. Space=Triangle and Backspace=Square (like the original PSP input method). L-trigger is switch to numbers/symbols. R-trigger is capital letters. Start would be Enter. Select cancel.

    I am a complete nitwit in programming though. So I might not know how difficult this can be. It may be too much of a hassle.

  9. Danzel Post author

    I thought about doing a predictive method before I worked on danzeff but decided not to.
    Danzeff works for me and I think most people find it is acceptable in relation to speed and ease of typing.
    Maybe in the future I’ll play with an alternate method, but for now I’m fine.

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  11. mail404

    I choose my connection then it tells me:

    connection state 2 of 4
    Connecting to wifi Failed, Retrying…

    connection state 2 of 4
    Connecting to wifi Failed, Retrying…

    over and over again! My connection works fine, I use it daily, dont understand what the problem is, can anyone shed some light on this??

  12. Danzel Post author

    AFKIM doesn’t support WPA, there are some changes needed in the network connection code to support it.

    There should be a new PSPRadio release coming up soon with WPA support. I’ll recompile the AFKIM plugin for it if ahman doesn’t include it.

  13. rivers56

    heyz i thouht that it might be the secuirty key for giving me this error “connection state 2 of 4
    Connecting to wifi Failed, Retrying” but i tried it on a router without key and still same error but i can connect to them both fine witt the psp browser i am using custom firmware 3.03 OE-C

  14. Danzel Post author

    New version? Who said anything about a new version? 😉

    Check back in a few days, will be news then 😀

  15. Salamander

    Yeah, I’m having that same problem. I loved the program when my PSP was at like 2.0 or something. It wasn’t like the other IM clients (black screen, white text… looks like you’re programming in DOS) it looks like a real IM. I especially love it because of GTalk. No others do it like you do it.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  16. rivers56

    heyz i just tried afkim 3 and it worked on 3.03 oe-c with wpa-psk (tkip) security key just confirming this for people like me because i wan unable to use afkim2 with what i have thanks danzel sik app keep up da good work

  17. manu

    hi my psp version is 3.10 OE-A´ and I have the same problem as much people, when I put all and loggin it shows resolving and it stops.thanks

  18. Mario

    hey i have psp firmware 3.5 and nothing i do will make this program work on it. How do I get afkim v3 to work on my 3.5

  19. EvilGamerX

    hey, i’ve got a problem, i’m using the 2.6 gta eboot, but when i try to load this it does one of two things, either it goes to a blank black screen and doesn’t load anymore, and i need to reset the eboot, or as soon as i load the program, it just goes back to the eboot main menu

    if anyone knows what to do tell me at

  20. Danzel Post author

    @Mario – It won’t work.
    @EvilGamerX – It doesn’t work on eboot loader, downgrade to 1.5 (then upgrade to OE firmware if you want)

  21. xnerdx

    Hey I am sorry if this has been answered already but I am run CFW 3.90 m33-3 by dark alex, I have AFKIM in my game150 folder and it boots fine but once I am at the screen that asks for some beeline account and I enter the account info that I want registered it reads as follows:
    Resolved, Connecting
    Connected, Identifying

    Then it sits there, no keys do anything except the home key brings up the home menu please someone reply with help thank you!

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