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Since I’ve blabbed this all over the peldet release thread on pspupdates I may as well post it here 🙂

I’ve been quite busy with work and University recently, so my PSP dev time has been at a minimum.

Heres my current homebrew todo list:

  1. Integrate afkim + maybe others into pspradio plugins (webnab needs a fairly big rewrite to get in so I may not bother for now, infact I will leave peldet untill its had its next big rewrite too)
  2. Split peldet+afkim into “afkim” (im client), “afkirc” (irc client), “peldet” (telnet/ssh client). These will all be pspradio plugins aswell as standalone apps.
  3. Add ssh to peldet
  4. Make all my apps better.

I have currently managed to get afkim working in pspradio, although there is still a bit of work to do before I can add it as a proper plugin.
Peldet will be getting the new danzeff keyboard in addition to the current psprint keyboard, I will make a modified danzeff to make it better for use with telnet/ssh.
AFKIRC will be based off the irc core that I rewrote for AFKIM, which was based on the IRC code I originally wrote for peldet (much improved however, hahaha). The code is now generic enough that it could be used to easily make an irc client for most any system, so I may make a libirc from it in the future if I have the time 🙂
This IRC code still needs some improvements for more generic IRC use, but it is coming along nicely and I’ve managed to hack together a AFKIRC test client from it without too many changes. Currently when it has errors it just stops working, and pm’s and a whole lot of other useful messages get parsed and thrown away, which isn’t very useful.
The current codebase shouldn’t be toooo difficult to get multiple channel support into, so expect that to happen at some stage 🙂



It is finally released, days or hours late, as per usual.

Changelog stuff:
New Graphics, complete new style :)
New keyboard (danzeff, see danzeff.txt for usage information)
You can rename contacts.
Less crashes! (maybe! lol)
Works on the new eloader!
Contact list scrolls automatically.
New msg popup.
When logging into wifi/bitlbee there is more feedback

READ THE README BEFORE INSTALLING! 🙂 (It’ll answer most of your questions)
Also, read the FAQ / TODO list here

psp 1.00 and 2.00+ version
psp 1.5 version


Enjoy 🙂

And while we’re at it, here is a fixed webnab for 2.00+, you can quit by pressing the select button (L+R+Start makes it crash)
get it here

I’ve got a paypal account up if you want to show your appreciation in the form of dollar signs 🙂

AFKIM update preview

Heres some preview pics of the next version

New skin 🙂


The new theme is by Randy, many thanks to him 🙂 (old theme is gone gone gone)
New input method is in of course, looks pretty much done (except the bug documented in that screenshot, lol)
For those that enjoy it, p_sprint is still in there as an option. (default will be the new OSK, danzeff)
I’m going to spend the next week fixing bugs and getting some more functionality in and hopefully we should see a release in a weeks time. 🙂

AFKIM News – New keyboard preview

Heres an update for everyone on the current afkim progress.

The current todo list for the next version is looking fairly big, but there is alot of good things in there to wait for 🙂

I’ve been working on a new keyboard, there is a test version of it you can try Here
Raw images of OSK are available Here (gimp format) if you want to change the gfx.

And as you’ve seen on the AFKIM splash screen, AFKIM was entered in the Neo-Flash Competition, you can vote for AFKIM here:,1941.45.html

I’ve also fixed the paypal link, it had the wrong email address (woops!). Feel free to sling something my way 😉


Bug fix version (1b) released, check the subsite for the download.

The last 2 weeks have been exceedingly busy for myself. I’ve been working on a secret project, which I now get to reveal!!!

AFKIM – Away From Keyboard Instant Messenger (for psp of course)
Its an Instant messenger client for (almost) all the major protocols (AIM, ICQ, MSN, GTalk, Yahoo!)
It is powered by the public bitlbee servers (thanks for these! Don’t email the bitlbee people with questions about AFKIM!)

Go to its subsite here for the download link!

I’ve thrown up a paypal account if you are feeling generous 🙂

webnab 0.4a

webnab has been updated to 0.4a in response to pspupdates new look which broke their feed 😉
Luckily, their new feed is nicer (ish) so its all good.
I’ve noticed that their rss feed is missing all the apostrophes, not my fault!

Mini fix for PSPUpdates new theme, we now use their RSS feed instead of parsing the main site.
PSPUpdates and Slashdot are now stored in the feeds.txt instead of being hardcoded, so you can remove them or do whatever 😉
The monkey is back on the default skin 🙂

Available here as usual

webnab 0.4

Webnab 0.4 is out!

This version is definately more pleasing on the eyes.
It generally has better international support thanks to freetype and some utf8 stuff I wrote, but it’s not working right all the time.

Font rendering now done with freetype, you should be able to replace the included font file with another named the same.
Fixed up rss feeds that put the data in a block (like wordpress blogs)
When there is no items in a new feed, don’t leave the psp in a state where it can crash.
Fix rendering of news items with long titles.
Give news items an additional line to use.
You can now abort downloading a feed by pressing square and triangle.
When downloading we now report the size downloaded instead of printing dots.

At the usual place

webnab 0.2a

Webnab 0.2a is Released.
Just a hotfix release, but its still big improvements 🙂
Spent all of my 3 day weekend working on this.
I even had to buy a new wifi AP to work on it too ><”

Works on 2.00 now (It was the c++ _init thing comments here for info)
Added in some more character escapes.
Fixed pspupdates rendering (Damn there was alot of broken html on there today :P)